Friday, 4 January 2008


I received this email from my brother and sister-in-law up in Cairns (Far North QLD) this evening. This is no work of fiction - even as surreal as it may sound.
C and I have had quite a shock this morning ... our cat Sam was "swallowed" by a Python some time during the night !!!

He went out late in the evening as usual but did not return as was his custom ... went looking for him twice during the night, as we both had a "gut" feeling something was not right. It was early this morning that C saw what she thought was a Monitor Lizard in the back yard, but then realized that it was in fact an 8 - 10 foot Python with this huge "bulge" half way down its length ... there was evidence of a short scuffle, but we heard nothing so it must have been quick, with Sam being caught by surprise and possibly asleep at the time.

The Python was still in the back yard as it couldn't get back through the fence, so we called the wild life rescue team, who, after confirming it was Sam inside the Python, took it away ... released into the bush well away from civilization and with a meal in its stomach that will keep it happy for several weeks I'm told.

No more animals I'm afraid, as we both agree we couldn't go through this sort of thing yet again ... just stick with a few pet frogs instead...
I'm... I'm gobsmacked! Understandably, they are both quite upset by it all.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Oh - poor cat! And your brother and his partner.

    I can understand why they don't think they want another pet after that.

    Busy roads and traffic are the problems for cats here - but Pythons - crikey - hard to imagine!

  2. Yikes! Another reason why cats shouldn't be allowed outside!

  3. wow! my mom always tells the story of when my sisters pet tarantula got out of its cage and into the heating ducts... we moved!

    happy new year to you (and if you wondered... i came here via Caroline's)

  4. Thank you very much for your thoughts and comments. i really appreciate that.
    Mal :)

  5. Oh dear :( The thought of that does leave a funny feeling in the it of your stomach :((

    Elle from Domesticated Bloggage
    (who has forgotten her log in password and needs to sort out getting another one!)

  6. Wow. I've often wondered if pythons have any kind of venom they inject that anaesthetises their victims. It must have had a big mouth, and as you say it must have been very quick to swallow whole, a cat who one would imagine would kick up a huge stink about being swallowed by a snake.

    I had some friends on the northcoast of NSW who had a pet carpet python who used to hang around the rafters of their house. One night Dad awoke to the blood curdling screams of one brother as the other brother (who was about three) had been dragged down his bed by the snake who using the rafters as an anchor had him by the foot. There was much yelling and more screaming and panicking and the snake was finally wrestled off. The boys didn't want the snake destroyed but I think all agreed to re-house him. Clearly they were'nt feeding him enough,indeed I don't think they were feeding him at all, so there's a lesson in there if you're going to tolerate a boa constrictor hanging around your house and you have small children--keep the cats up to them. (er. . . sorry 'bout that)

    That is sad about Sam, but there is some sort of justice, some sort of enduring symbolism in his end. Better than being run over. Cat karma I'd say.

  7. Cat karma. I LIKE that! Thanks :)
    Mal :)