Friday, 11 January 2008

Feeling a WHOLE lot better

Thursday and Friday saw me driving just over 800kms / 500 miles across the beautiful NSW rural countryside. It'd been too long since I just bit the bullet and went for a really long drive in the countryside, just to unwind and recharge a lot. Like a mini-mobile holiday.

Now I've come home feeling really refreshed, recharged and re-energized - albeit somewhat travel-tired as well, but content.

I managed to have a really lovely casual chat-and-cuppa with a fellow blogger whilst on the road (sincerely, thank you once again for your hospitality, Ma'am), and found yet another bloggers' place of residence nearby - but I didn't assume to be impolite enough just to drop in unannounced (he prefers his privacy - no problem).

Gorgeously almost-clear endless and bottomless deep blue skies stretched across distant horizons in every direction. The Upper Hunter Valley and the Liverpool Plains of NSW are simply beautiful. So refreshingly, majestically expansive.

Seeing the boys tomorrow morning briefly, sailing at lunchtime with Mr Hoon's family (again), having a quick one-on-one music jam in the evening with Matt. Then Sunday sees us having a long-awaited electric jam together as a three-piece (possibly four?)... first for the year. Yes, I'm really rather looking forward to it.

Plus I've yet to write about my fantastic day from last week. Stay tuned... I'm looking forward to writing and reliving it (in my own little way).

Yes yes, things are getting kinda back to "normal" (tho I'm yet to be convinced exactly what 'normal' is, apart from a setting on a washing machine...).

I'll just try to forget the first three days of this week ever happened. But yeah... life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Great pictures! BTW what is your definition of "normal?"

  2. Good to hear - seems like your instincts were spot on to me - flee the factory and head for those beautiful places. Lovely pics.

    I was in Oz in 1992 - I envy you those wide open, unspoiled spaces and all that warm air!

  3. Nothing can hold a good man down...
    keep it going.

  4. Hey Mal, keep hangin' loose baby. Sometimes life just throws one on yah. Have a better week next week.

  5. Thanx people. i appreciate your comments and moral support. i'm going great this week. They couldn't be two more different weeks, emotionally-wise. Yay! \o/
    Mal :)