Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rain Dumps

I was supposed to go sailing today (Saturday), but the forecast all week (that's "ALL week") was for outrageously heavy rain, thunderstorms and flash flooding!!! So this morning I actually slept in, enjoying being able to lay back and let my dreams unfold for a while longer.

Here it is, 1.51 in the afternoon, and the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and there's a very light breeze dusting the tress right outside my window! Aint it always the way???


Oh, hang on! Literally as I typed that, I heard the first distant roll of thunder!

Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather-wise. I'll aim for a bit of a spin tomorrow instead, over at Wallerawang.

We've been having some outrageously large, violent torrential storms pass our way in the past 2 or 3 weeks... they go flash-bang and dump oceans on top of us, but only for about ten minutes. Then it's all over! Just yesterday, out at Carcoar Dam, we were sitting in the Clubhouse after a brilliant mornings' Sailability, totally stuck for about 15 minutes because of this torrential rainstorm. Thankfully we'd managed to get everybody off the water and everything packed away easily, and we were sitting drinking an afternoon cup of tea when it hit! Thank goodness for that!

Actually, yesterdays' Sailability was the best experience we'd all had for a long time. One of the local High Schools had 16 of their senior students come out for some end-of-school-year sailing activity - and we all had an absolute ball! The weather was sensational, the conditions couldn't be more perfect, and they were a brilliant group of well-behaved young people to boot. Water fights, canoeing, swimming - one very wet but very exhilarated group of young people.

At one point I had one client out in a boat with me, and we spotted someone in the water way out from the bank, swimming - it was their teacher! hahahaha. We sailed up to her - and my passenger literally jumped overboard after her! All I saw was a pair of legs disappearing over the side! hahahaa

So yeah, amidst much splashing, and chasing all SEVEN boats out at the same time (yay!), and watching everyone take turns tipping the old canoe over, the day way a roaring success.

Thankfully the Access 303's are so ridiculously easy to sail, being one-up for about 20 minutes was an absolute delight... mind you, I felt like a kid again myself, as all the other boats tried to keep catching me to dump a ton of water over me anyway! heh heh

I was knackered this morning tho!

(NB. The photo was taken aboard an Access 303 at Belmont back in March).
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I like to think the rain is helping to cleanse us from the toxicity of that evil, pox of a government. It is rather nice afternoon thunderstorms, quite a contrast to this time last year, when the Blue Mountains were ablaze and there was only dust on the ground. Plus I do love the sound of rolling thunder. The tank's full grass is growing and the flies are breeding . . .

    Hope you have a wonderful festive season Mal. I'll drop by when I'm back blogging.