Sunday, 9 December 2007

How Readable Am I...?!?

"What level of education is required to understand your blog?"
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(With thanx to Tillerman)

Interesting! I know I'm a hard person to read... as somebody once said [very observantly], I only let people know about me as much as I'm willing to show them. So, fair enough, this blog might be seen as a hard read at times! heh heh

I suppose I should desist in speculating on variables in the long-standing Protestant antidisestablishmentarianism debate, perhaps? [giggles foolishly]

Here's how some of the other blogs seemed score on this silly quiz! heh heh. Everyone is different and unique - thankfully!!!

Elementry School

A Little Night Music
Dingo's Got My Barbie
Boyfriend Is a Twat
Mallard's Feathery Nesting Box [my old blog!]
Mallard's Blog Diary [my original blog!]

Junior High School
Diary of an Average Australian
Skiing In Bolivia

High School
Dwarven One
Proper Course
Real E Fun
Grim Reality

College (Undergrad)

Axe Victim

I just stumbled on this... kinda tickled my fancy in a bizarre way! Gagh! My childhood! Ruined! heh heh

Peas be with ewe

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