Monday, 10 December 2007

The Living End

Matt, the guitarist I've been jamming with over the past handful of months, introduced me to a band I'd only heard of previously. Two days later I have four of their CDs in my possession - thanx to LimeWire! [whispers a shush! heh heh].

The Living End have a style I'd not normally listen to these days... they are basically "Punkabilly" (yay Wikipedia! lol)... an Australian pop-rock-punk rockabilly band! So yeah, that's something refreshingly different for my ears. They are open about their homage to 50's rockabilly and stuff like Eddie Cochran, which is something I have an appreciation of as well. That's their starting point, anyways. It's fun rock'n'roll music.

The Living End are Aussie as well. I'd heard of them, and was vaguely aware of one of their songs, but that was about it. Yeah, they're a good, tight, goodtime rock band. They've won a few various awards along the way, so they must be doing a few things right! heh heh

Plus they use an upright double bass! They've got this wickedly thick warm fuzzy sound coming out with it - totally rocks my world! heh heh. Yay for real 'slap bass' - and way UP in the mix!!! That's a huge thumbs-up from me!

So, in a matter of two days, I've gone from virtual ignorance to four CDs!

"The Living End" (1998)
"Roll On" (2000)
"Modern ARTillery" (2003)
"State of Emergency" (2006)

Matt also introduced me to/bought me up-to-speed with "The White Stripes" as well... but more about that in another post! heh heh

Somedays, there are other things to listen to, apart from 60's classic British pop-rock! hahahahaaaa!!!
Peas be with ewe

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