Tuesday, 9 October 2007

(*) Toe Nail Clippings

I know I should post something? Sometimes it's not that I don't have anything outrageously exciting to say or share, it's just that sometimes I feel I don't have the dexterity of language to be able to express them adequately. There are so many great, thought-provoking blogs out there. Then all I feel I have to say is like discussing the size of my toe-nail-clippings in comparison! rofl

Not that my toe-nail-clippings aint riveting stuff, mind you... but not something I'm sure would make for outstanding blogging, at any stretch of the imagination.

Well, the shed out at the sailing club is finally up - except for the concrete floor at this stage. Frame, walls and roof have all been put up - and they stayed up and on, which is of vital importance, you know! heh heh... It was lots of fun just hanging out doing 'blokey stuff' and building a pre-fab shed. I'm a total wuss when it comes to heights, so I acted as 'Go-fer' on the ground, handing up bits of sheet steel or drills or whatever. Nah, altho my drive out there on Monday morning saw me in a really dispirited foul mood (and even contemplating just not turning up - silly me), by the end of the day in the sunshine surrounded by an endless horizon, I felt really quite invigorated. I wish I knew exactly what triggered these black dog moments sometimes... it's a different slant almost every times lately. Kinda annoying for me.

I haven't updated the sailing club's webpage lately either. Mainly out of the basis that there's been nothing happening to update with, and two - I'm just going thru one of those childishly-annoying "I just can't be bothered" stages at the moment. There's plenty of nice photos to update for the place, but as there's physically not a lot happening out there, it's kinda hard to feel motivated to get it together long enough to sit down and edit and upload the photos. I'll get there. I know I will. There's just not the... 'compulsion' (?) at the present moment to feel the desire to do it. blah blah blah.

I guess I'm just tired today!

Funny, because I still feel as though today was a good, positive day. Going downtown to pay a few bills etc, bumped into M, SJ and IX in the shopping centre. It's funny... M and I are still able to stop for like 4 or 5 minutes and have a friendly, laughing catch-up feeling non-stressed or anything negative. I kinda feel guilty sometimes... aint a divorced couple supposed to hate each other? [That's a joke, folks!]. Unlike my neighbours this arvo... wow, what a loud, screaming, verbally-abusive domestic! I couldn't help but hear every word! Golly gosh! I dunno which one of them is gonna be moving out as a result... not a good thing to be forced to listen to either. Actually, at times it was so loud it was almost hilariously funny, as was their anger-filled passion steering their verbosity! Funny but also kinda disquieting at the same time.

Hopefully Sailability starts again (unofficially) this Friday, with a few disabled clients going out for a bit of a season-starter refresher. It'll give us a chance to get the boats and motor boats out and give them a thorough once-over... which includes, of course, taking them out of a sail! yay! heh heh. I've been out for a sail for the last two weeks also in my own little dinghy, tho on Sunday the weather just made me feel really uncomfortable for some indistinguishable reason, and I only stayed out for about 30 minutes in total. It wasn't just the gusty winds, but a murky-looking water and a matching sky didn't help at all! Plus the fact that the water level is now starting to drop from the current 13.6% is NOT a good sign at all. Not at all. mutter mutter. Nothing can be done about it. Sure makes it hard to encourage people along to try sailing as a social sport out here, when there's no sailable water for them to venture out onto! Gagh!

My only brother is coming down tomorrow for a few days, to sort things out with the sale of their old house up in Katoomba. We haven't arranged a specific time to catch up as of yet, but we're just keeping it flexible for now, depending on how things go for him in the next few days. It's not as though it's far away, only about an hours' dive away. We can always meet in Lithgow or something... but what reasonable logical person would willingly wanna do that for? [giggles... in-joke! Lithgow is a dank hole of a town!] Nope, I'll drive up and catch up with him up on the mountains somewhere :) There's plenty of good cafes around Blackheath these days :)

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  1. Its often the way Mal with me too; when I really have to drag myself off to do something I don't 'feel' like doing, nine times out of ten I have a fine old time and am glad that I made the effort.

    The Wattle in Bleakheath is hard to go past for a reasonably priced, reasonably good meal. You could say g'day to Jason for me, tell him I have a cafe, but DON'T tell him I have a blog! (He's an odd one and lately I've had my fill lately, Jason need not know about blogging!) Its been a few years since I've been there, he was trying to sell it. Maybe its gone?

    The Victory Theatre is tres trendy (or was) but a bit exxy.

  2. I had to check that comment out..lol
    I was like I didn't write this..lol
    I drag myself into doing almost anything or else it never gets done.