Wednesday, 26 September 2007

(*) Lovely change

Hiya Paige. It's been an interesting week so far. Lots of emotional ups and downs, but I feel as though I've been on top of them - for a change. And it's a lovely change.

I guess the most intense was for me on Tuesday, when I had to share something very intense with a very close friend. I didn't know how they'd react, but it was like water off a duck's back. I'm so grateful for his friendship this way. Even today, due to sudden changed circumstances with his family this week, he gave me (gave me!) two tickets to a great acapella group that's on tour at the moment and performing here in town tomorrow night. Two free tickets to "The Idea of North".

Anybody wanna come? heh heh

It was a brilliant affirmation from them... they said it was just a way of saying thank you to me for just being a friend over the last few months. I'm still kinda speechless and very humbled about it. Having morning tea with Mr Hoon once a week is always a fun, soul-refreshing time for both of us. I think in the last 10 days we've seen each other about six times! It made us laugh today... its just the way things have turned out for us at the moment!

I'm hoping that one of my sons might be able to come with me an watch the performance tomorrow night, but as I rang tonight, JD told me they'd been involved in a car accident not long before! No one was hurt or injured - thank god, but someone pulled out right in front of them and side-swiped them! So yeah, obviously M is rather shook up, and asked me to call back again tomorrow during the day. Of course, no problem! I'm just so thankful that no one was hurt.

So yeah, the emotional highs and lows have been flying around for me in just the last few days, but I honestly feel fine.

Sunday was a brilliant day of social sailing, in glorious spring sunshine and light winds. Practically perfect for getting back onto the water, and trying to remember how to do it all over again! heh heh. It was absolutely lovely just hanging out on the water with a few friends in a handful of small boats just bobbing around. There's nothing quite as sensational as being out on the water. There just isn't! heh heh Even a minor broken trailer part couldn't completely take away my ear-to-ear grin. Nothing a bit of welding can't fix.

Tuesday I was back out there again, this time getting on with the shed building. Mr Hoon and I put up one of the walls of the new shed extension, with a small herd of cows mesmerized by our every mooove... even with the blaring noise of a generator to run the hand tools, they still hung around. They're harmless enough, even if their 'patts' are rather toxic at times! heh heh It was a constructive day. I was feeling rather tense as an undercurrent tho, as I had something pretty intense to share. But it went fine. Really.Oh yeah... driving out there on Tuesday, I saw a kangaroo standing tall by the side of the road. Slowing down to make sure it would be safe, and not hit it (having a Roo smack into your car can cause a massive amount of damage, let alone the injury to the animal...), I quickly noticed that one of its legs was broken clean off... and it hobbled out of the way on one good leg and its tail... I burst into tears! There was noting that could be done for the poor beast... it must have come to grief with a car sometime that earlier in the morning, and it must have been crawling away to die. I felt terrible, because there was nothing I could do. It may sound callous, but if I had a shotgun with me, I would have put it out of my misery. Gagh! That's the first time in a long time that road kill affected me so.

Gees! Last week it was Abba songs... this week its Kangaroos that bring me to tears! I must have the menopause or something? [giggles]

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  1. You have kangaroos to watch out for and we have deer to watch out for.

    shed's are very time consuming and will test your nerves.

  2. nah...stranger things have brought me to tears.

  3. OH Mel! How bad for that kangaroo! Isn't there some place to call to get it some care? How sad.