Friday, 26 October 2007

More Rain

More rain! We've had about two or three really wicked thunderstorms a day dump about half an inch of rain at a time for the last two or three days! So much for starting to water the grass on Monday, huh? heh heh. Now it'll start growing like crazy... but I'm not complaining.

My housemate made it home this afternoon fine, after his week of training... erm... partying at works' cost! He was no longer in the door than he'd turned around and went straight back out again... he was hoping to be back before the next thunderstorm kicked in... alas, he didn't! He stood in the front doorway, complete with water dripping off the tip of his nose! Poor bugger was soaked! But - in his hand he held his precious tickets for his "Village Fair" event up at the Uni on the weekend. That's where he and his sisters (who are staying with us from tonight for two days) are gonna be going together.

Thanx to Dingo... what would I do if I had an obscene amount of money?

I literally had this conversation at my volunteer day at Meals on Wheels yesterday. I think we all came to the similar conclusion, basically, after hearing that someone won $30 million on the Lotto or something this week. We all agreed that was indeed an obscene amount - waaaay too much, actually.

For me, I'd be happy with enough to buy my own place - a simple, practical home. Something here in town, maybe a few acres, but nothing huge or ostentatious!
I'd be very excited to be able to put the boys thru school/college/Uni, and help start them out. That would be the greatest joy having that kinda money.
I'd definitely buy a proper Laser-specific boat trailer! [That's a joke, folks!]
I wouldn't know what to do with $30 million... it's TOO much, you know? Of course, I would spend 6-months-a-year on the Greek Island of Hydra, naturally! heh heh But seriously, apart from that, what would you do?

If I had an endless obscene amount of money... then certain charities would have no need ever again to solicit for money! It'd be a joy to anonymously donate to some struggling community cause, and see their efforts blossom fruitfully, as fundraising would no longer be one of their main activities. They could actually get on doing what they were established to do - help people.

Last night I downloaded [shhush! Don't tell anyone! It's all Limewire's fault! I swear! lol] Neil Young's 1975 album "Zuma". So basically I have all the Neil Young stuff I'm ever gonna want. It's not a great album [in my opinion], but it's bearable. It's just him... just the way he chose to do things in the early and mid-70's. Not always my cup of tea... I prefer "On The Beach" to this one tho. It's typical of me... I'd much prefer to listen to a whole album by someone, than just one or two songs.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. I agree with a couple of points you make, firstly it doesn't take much money to be too much, and $30mil is definitely too much. Secondly 'On the Beach' is much better than Zuma, but at least it's not as bad as Rust Never Sleeps.

    I like the Stills Young Band myself.

    And if you don't already have it, this is definitely worthwhile

  2. I hadn't heard of that "Heart of Gold" DVD, so thanks for that :) I'll try keeping an eye out for it. I personally prefer his earlier stuff than his more recent stuff, so i know where you're coming from talking about 'Rust Never Sleeps'.
    Mal :)

  3. I like Neil better with Crosby Stills and Nash, but he has done some good work solo. I'm more a fan of After The Gold Rush Myself.

  4. I really like CSNY, myself :) I must find that YouTube link of them doing a live version of a Neil Young song...

  5. I would never work again, and take my kids everywhere...fix things in my house, if not buy the perfect house, buy my husband the truck of his dreams...god there would be so much to do.