Monday, 22 October 2007

The Day After

I knew this would happen... my aching legs! My aching lower back! Sometimes sailing in a drifter is just as physically tiring as in a good blow! But - it's all good :)

Gotta love the weather... yesterday it was a drifter, and today the wind is blowing at like Force 4-ish - like 25 knots! hahahahaaa. I'm sure I'd be feeling a whole lot MORE tired if it'd been blowing like that out on the water yesterday.

My housemate is away for the week, for some work training conference. Ahh, to be young! "Five days of drinking", he described it heh heh. Wouldn't you love to be his trainer? he's alright. In fact I don't have any problems with him sharing this place with me at all. He's just a classic bachelor at times and can be a little messy now and again, but nothing too major. He gets to it - eventually!

Anyways, I'll give the place a good vacuum while he's away. His older sisters are staying overnight Friday and Saturday, sleeping on the lounge room floor. That's fine too... we don't have the space otherwise. Just hope I don't sleepwalk in on them or something... that'd be rather amuzing!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Back in June me and hubby went canoeing and the next day i wanted to die! lol...every bone in my body heart...i had bruises on my legs for weeks...from slamming every rock in the river. But after i got control of the canoe it was alot of fun... :)

  2. 5 days of drinking? My waist line would expand! Yikes.