Saturday, 27 October 2007

Cranberry Sauce

Late yesterday afternoon's thunderstorm was a DOOZY! I was so tempted to go stand out underneath it, but this time playing my old battered guitar... alas my housemate came out and started talking to me. I ended up quietly playing my acoustic guitar standing beside the back windows watching the heavens opening while we chatted about his week. Glorious spectacle... the rain falling, not my guitaring!

His two sisters arrived about 9.30 last night, and they must have crept about, because I didn't even hear anything of them at all until this morning! heh heh.

Our poor old rosebush has started flowering again in just the last two or three weeks also. I forgot to prune it right back after last summer, so I had to quickly hack a bit at it about a month ago... long thorny stems reached out everywhere, like some crazed Triffid before then! Luckily it picked straight back up again, and is happily flowering away again. When it comes to plants and gardening, I usually kill indoor plastic plants! So anything that survives after I'd had a go at them is a winner! heh heh

Actually, the cactus-type plant I got when I was first separated, living in a caravan at Tweed Heads, continues to flourish on the kitchen windowsill, above the sink. I'm actually amazed... the thing seems to survive anything! (Bugger! I can't find an online photo of mine of it! An old one has since been deleted! Pooh!)

Here's a new blog for you to enjoy as well, by MsAnnThorpe. I did a simple blog profile search under "Robert Lowell" and thought her blog was a good 'un.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I'm assuming it was the same storm that battered Lismore. I hope no-one got hurt.