Monday, 25 June 2007

(*) La La La

I didn't want to go. I really didn't. I was tired, felt lethargic, totally unmotivated. Yet somehow I managed to drag my arse along to the covers' band rehearsal yesterday for midday right on time. I'm thankful for small mercies - at least we didn't run through "Hotel California" again [shivers distastefully], but there were a few other shockers approached. By the feel of it, no one was really in the mood to play much either! The lead guitarist was heavily hung over... nut I offered no sympathy for self-inflicted illness! heh he. But, as always, i always enjoy actually playing, once I get there. Yeah, I know [blushes], I ended up rather enjoying it, even if the songs aint exactly what I'd prefer to be playing.
<--- my bass is one of these (Musicman 5-String Stingray), although mine has a natural finish.

I guess one thing that kinda irks me [and I have to keep reminding myself not to let this get on top of me either], is that the rythym guitarist is kinda the band leader [is there is one], and his arrangements are basically... well, terrible! What he describes as an 'arrangement' are in reality his inability to figure out the right chords and play them. Then when he askes me to sing the harmonies, you just can't do it when the chords he's playing are just all wrong! rofl. But but, I know... it's alright, so long as you're all playing the same thing, right? Yeah, right. I guess... when you're doing a really well-known song as a cover, you either wanna do it almost as closely to the original arrangement etc, or do something totally unique instead as a re-interpretation. But... just playing the wrong chords is just... oh whatever [shrugs].

Well, I bet the bullet and went back to the Sunday Spam Session down at the pub yesterday afternoon. Actually – it was the best one yet! There were a lot of new people there to play and listen, as well as a few of the 'usuals' weren't there. No Elvis, thank god. One lady is actually heading to hospital on Friday, so she was missed. But yeah – I managed to play a nice soft quiet personal reflective set all on my own without interruption or anyone jumping in and spoiling things for me. I thought I played and sang quite well (even if I do say so myself), considering I hadn't actually practised anything this week. Just did some quiet Beatles stuff in my own style. Yeah, this time I actually really enjoyed myself. I did my five items, I felt happily satisfied, and I was about to get up to let the next person on etc etc. They wanted me to do a few more, but as soon as they said that, people started approaching to join in, so I made my leave right then and there. Yeah, this time I nipped it in the bud, rather than 'playing to the mob'. Yeah, I know there's a time and a place to play to the masses, but these arvos aint it. So, I was rather happy that I managed to get a set of my own off without any interruptions. 'Bout bloody time! Heh heh

I managed to have a bit of a catch-up chat with an old mate who was down at the pub listening, who's sure been in the wars. He used to be an Ambulance officer, and a few years ago he was wiped out my a car at a racetrack whilst on duty. To cut a very long story short, he got assferked by the legal system, and ended up without any form of compensation from the NSW Ambulance Service at all. Ya, needless to say he's been processing a lot of anger and biterness for a few years. So it was good to briefly catch up with him between peoples' sets.
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