Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Vapor Blackberry

Week 219
I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Freeze :: Dried Peas [sounds like a band name, perhaps? heh heh]
2. Naturally :: gray hair (and mibne are starting to show thru, especially in my beard! Yay!)
3. Painting :: Monet
4. Merits :: Demerits
5. Ironic :: Churchianity
6. Survival :: Poland (I've been reading Holocaust surviver stories again... soul-crushing stuff...)
7. Cow :: Udders
8. Anchor :: Hope and Anchor Pub (where The Jam used to play?)
9. Sisters :: Are Doing It For Themselves (where did *that* comes from?)
10. 70 : wrinkled smiles

Monday, April 16, 2007

1. Who do you think is cuter, the host of Survivor, or the host of Amazing Race? Considering I watch neither, I really can't say either way!

2. Have you seen any movies in a theater recently? "Flushed Away" was absolutely brilliant! I went with my boys, and as soon as it comes out on DVD, I'ma gonna get me a copy, baby! heh heh

3. Do you read manga? What is that? Is it like that Japanese cartoon garbage? Errr... obviously no, I don't read it!

4. For people living in the US: Have you ever traveled outside of the state you were born in? For people living outside of the US: Have you ever traveled outside of your country? I've only ever been to New Zealand when I was about 12, for a holiday package tour with my parents. Loved it! Looking forward to getting away to the Greek isalnd of Hydra sometime in the next 12 months, fingers crossed.

5. Do you have a Yahoo! 360 page? Again - what is that? I have no idea! (Time to do a Google search, I think! heh heh)

6. How many blogs/online diaries do you have total? One main one (this one) and a poetry one. There's another one I've left to die a natural death tho.

Monday Music Mambo
Today is National Stress Awareness Day.

1. Name two artists who give you stress. Neil Young's album "Tonight's the Night", and Rod Stewart (to me he sounds like he's always in some form of physical pain!)

2. Name two artists who relieve your stress. The Beatles (definitely!) and Crowded House

3. Name two songs that relieve your stress. "It's Only Natural" by Crowded House, and "Something" by The Beatles

4. Name two albums that relieve your stress. "Abbey Road" by The Beatles (absolutely), and "A Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis - this album turned me onto cool jazz. Nam Nam.

5. When you're stressed, do you ever want to grab a guitar and smash it into an amp like Pete Townshend? Sometimes! I've done it myself - twice! Once on stage with a very old acoustic guitar (and I felt like a right idiot afterwards!), and by destoying my very first electric guitar that was, by then, an absolute unworkable and unplayable wreck - smashed it against the side of a huge steel skip bin until it was in pieces. Was kinda symbolic - time to move on when my parents sold their old house, I guess.

Name the last seven movies you watched on DVD (or VHS) at home.

"Shakespeare In Love" (from my local Library)

"Supersize Me" (Library)

"A Beautiful Mind" (mine)

"Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest" (Library)

"And Now For Something Completely Different" - Monty Python (mine)

"Vertigo" (Hitchcock) (mine)

"This Is Spinal Tap" (mine)

1. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #90 from Remo: In the event of a disaster or act of disorder, are you currently prepared to remain self-sufficient for a day, a week, or a month until measures could be taken to restore order and services? No, not really. I have a transistor radio with spare batteries, lots of candles and matches, and that'd be about it! i'd end up dead on a heap somewhere, undoubtedly! Gagh! No, I'd hike out to live down by the dam for a while, probably.

2. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #91 from Frida: Feng shui: Totally serious, totally crapola, or just another cool way to get redecorating ideas? Feng shui? New Age mind-games rubbish... but yeah, there's some great home decorating ideas in it for sure!

3. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #92 from Call Me Betty: Do you feel comfortable being yourself in public or do you feel you have to hide certain aspects of your personality?I'm normally rather shy in public, so I tend to be a bit quiet and reserved. But when I was teaching I had to force myself and learn how to be outgoing and extroverted, which for many people was how they perceived me to be. But I'm actually quite introverted, altho I enjoy company. With certain friends I enjoy that I don't have to be "on" with them, I can just relax and be myself - chatty, random, humourous, silly...

4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #93 from Wil: Name your favorite flower to appear in the Spring around you?The Waratah? I dont know where the nearest flowering one is to me... in any case, they only flower once every seven years (truth!)

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #94 from Cat.: From this list, are there any places you would never travel. Saudi Arabia... it just doesn't 'do it' for me in any way.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #95 from Kathy: Who is your favorite [motion picture] director? Alfred Hitchcock, although he was a bit of a bastard personally, he really understoof the medium almost perfectly and used what he had to brilliant effect.

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 119
A bit of song association...I'm going to give you a some words and you tell us what song best describes them.

The weather: "Weather With You" - Crowded House

Your state of mind: "Whiskey Man" by The Who ("Seemingly I must be man, insanity is fun")

Cheese: "Jenny Artichoke" - Kaleidescope - a cheesy song, bit I really *like* it!

Wine: "Cheap Wine" by Cold Chisel

Sports: "MacArthur Park" - the middle bit used to be the theme music for the football years ago!

Spring: "Here Comes the Sun" - The Beatles (Abbey Road)

Road Trip: "Going Up the Country" - Canned Heat

Radio: "Who Listens to the Radio?" - The Sports

Yawn: "I'm Only Sleeping" - The Beatles (Revolver)

Your favorite movie: "A Hard Days' Night" - The Beatles

TV: oooh... jingles... jingles just stick in your mind... there are too many to list...

Oh the noes! They're at it again!!!

Do you prefer...

1. ... to have a job you love that doesn't pay well or to have a job you hate that pays a lot? I'd rather have the ultuimate dream job where the pay was terrible. If I could be a full-time volunteer where all I got for monetary reward was 'in-kind', I'd be very happy. Seriously. Society and the taxman would hate me, but fuck them! heh heh

2. ... to spend your vacation skiing on a mountain or sunbathing at the beach?Beach, if I could, but I'd prefer to be swimming than just laying there slowly turning into a lobster!
3. ... to have a superpower or to have world peace? World peace. We've tried 'Super Powers' for the last 150+ years, and it's been demonstrated that they just don't work!

4. ... to spend your Friday nights clubbing or curled up in bed with a movie and a bowl of popcorn? In bed, for sure! I've kinda grown out of the whole 'clubbing' thing these days

5. ... to live in a high-rise condo in the city or in a lovely picket-fenced house in the suburbs? Give me a home among the gum trees...

My Bad

1. What is the biggest risk you've taken in your life? Telling the absolute honest truth to my ex-wife - and I was not believed. Devestating effect on my psyche.

2. What is the most rebellious act you've ever done? Performed a Sex Pistols song in a church? Errr... what about staying drunk for three days in a row at a School Sailing Regatta?

3. What is the worst thing you've ever said to another person? "I hate you." I despise myself for saying it, too. 'Hate' is such a strong powerful statement to make - and it wasn't true. And no, it was not to or about my ex-wife either!

4. What is the worst legal violation you've committed? The details of which I will not share here, but it saw me on remand in jail for 3 1/2 months and serving a three-year good behaviour bond.

5. What is your sweetest taboo? Ice cream sundae banana splits! Gagh! I am undone!

1. Who was your first crush? Tracy Hogan in Year Six at primary School! She never even knew I existed! heh heh

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? An introvert, absolutely. I'm an INFP. I've had to learn and force myself to be an extroverty as a teacher tho, which i got used to, but being out of practise I'm socially a shy quiet person once again.

3. What is your favorite non-sexual thing you like to do with the love of your life? The love of my life divorced me and married someone else so she could have his child... but I used to enjoy just hanging out in silence, just enjoying doing our own things in each others company. The reassurance of having your best friend right there with you, with the comfort knowing you don't always have to talk sometimes to enjoy each others company. Does that make sense?

4. Name one quirky habit your partner does that either annoys you or makes you grin. Well, I don't have a partner, so to be fair I can't answer this one.

5. Do you believe in monogamous relationships? Absolutely 100% yes.

latest albums I own...
Yes - Close to the Edge Manassas - Manassas Gene Clark - White Light Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

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  1. Thanks for mamboing! The Beatles are always good for taking away stress, I think.

  2. I didn't know that you were once a teacher. Either i never read that about you or have just plain forgot.
    What did you teach? what grade?

  3. Oh Weather With You...such a great song. Love you list! Thanks for playing :)