Thursday, 19 April 2007

(*) Angels Wings Faded

Well, I've definitely sold my Solo 'Wyreema'. I've planned to meet the guy in Armidale next weekend. Excellent. Well, that all came out of the blue, as I hadn't even thought about what I was going to do with my Solo, and here I am, having sold it for a nice price. Excellent.
Actually, for the past two or three weeks I've been feeling very light headed... no, it's more than that, it's like I'm almost permanently in a foggy haze in my brain, and can't seem to get my thoughts clearly focussed for very long. I dunno how else to describe it. it's not depression, it's like... I just feel all weary in my mind a lot of the time. Strangeness.

Postscript... I'ma gonna have to go and take a lay down, I feel really light-headed and muzzy in the head. Not like I'm coming down with something, just... really weird...

Wednesday Mind Hump

1. What do you do when you need a time out from all of your daily worries and activities? I try to go for a walk around the block... and we have a *big* block here too... other than that I might pull out my guitar and just 'doodle' for a bit, or watch a silly funny video to take my mind off things.

2. What celebrity needs to take a time out in the corner for naughty behavior? PM John Howard for his facist Immigration Policy!

3. What do you wish you could spend more time doing? Hanging out with my sons... being a divorced dad sux!

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  1. I agree on the divorced dad trials and tribulations. Get a call in to your doctor -- lightheaded and feeling weird could be TIA's, early signs of stroke, or a silent heart attack -- none of which should be messed about with (spoken by one who learned the hard way).

  2. Also, light headedness might mean that your sugar level is low, have that checked too!
    Your lucky to sell your boat for a good price. We just sold ours to a dealer and it got us only $2500. Its worth at lease $8000, but with my hubby having found out he's sicker than we thought, we just wanted to get rid of it. Lucky you