Tuesday, 20 March 2007

(*) Sailing at Belmont

The two days sailing at Belmont [on NSW's Lake Macquarie] for the NSW State Access Championships went relatively well. One of our small Sailability team of six sailors came second in his division - yay! I crewed for a young guy who'd never done anything like that before, and he did exceptionally well, in spite of his physical disabilities. He had an amazingly cheeky sense-of-humour, so naturally we hit it off straight away! heh heh I'll try to get some photos happening and posted either tonight or tomorrow. I'm literally downloading some as we speak from a guy who also sailed against us over the two days... good memories...

Tho one chap in our team [who shall remain nameless] threw a rather insenstive 'tantie' and started verbally abusing the organisers within earshot of everyone there at the closing BBQ. Needless to say, the rest of us were not impressed... I was still ropable and highly pissed two days after! Poor Mr Hoon had to apologise profusely and eat humble pie in his role as the team captain... he just shouldn't have been put in that p[osition in the first place. Sure, the organisational qualities of the locals left a lot to be desired, but they didn't deserve to be called f-ing cxxts to their faces either! Poor Mr Hoon... he'd gone to so much trouble for the rest of us just to get there, and he had to go around putting out someone elses bushfire. Ya, it still niggles me a bit that this one guy practically ruined it for the rest of us. But anyways... the venue and the sailing and the competition was excellent.

Mr Hoon and I went all the way up to Nelson Bay to pick up some bits and pieces for our own boats. Altho we got home late Saturday arvo, I was still keen for a sail on my own boat on Sunday. I ended up having two one-hour sails in a light shifty drift, but it was still sensational, even with the overcast conditions. Needless to say, I was paying for it on the Monday [yesterday!] Aching knees etc etc etc. But it's all worth it. Any chance to get out on the peaceful calm of the water in a small boat is heavenly.

I'll probably spend tomorrow catching-up on the module I missed in my MYOB refresher course last week! Ahhh, the joys of basic accounting!

I booked my return flights to Cairns in July, when I'm gonna hang out with my brother, and work on a winter tan [possibly? heh heh] It only cost me $318 return - not bad for two three-hour flights in the middle of peak school holidays! Yay!

I also voted today for our State Govt election - a pre-poll vote. It's just easier and quicker than having to queue up on Saturday - and now its all done. Of all the people I've spoken to about this upcoming election, the overwjhelming response is "I honestly don't really care..."... everyone is just jack of endless lies and broken promises of both Govt and Opposition. Doesn't matter who gets in [imho] - it's a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't! Gagh! Here's a joke of events... this is what it's like... in my own local electorate, the four candidates who are running don't even LIVE here!!! It's freaking rediculous!

I just checked back... you know, I've been blogging since 28th June 2004 - that's almost THREE years! I'm astounded! This will be my third blog... the first one started malfunctioning so i replaced it, and this one replaces that one. Wow... I think I need to make some sort of mad wild index of contents from all those many months of blogging! Whoo hoo!

And on a final note - the rains are falling again... there's predicted rainfall for the rest of the week. yay! Too bad I put my sheets out on the line earlier this arvo and now they'd be wet again. But I'm definitely not gonna complain! heh heh

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