Friday, 30 March 2007

(*) Flows Meltdown

Sailability on Thursday totally made up for last Sundays' disaster! I mean, you know when Mal's having a good day when he's asked by one of the clients, out on the water, to sing some Elvis...! So... I did! hahahahaha. Made everyone have a good laugh at my attempts to make everyone laugh with some terrible Elvisness! heh heh. Ya, a good time was had by all. Even sailing in a light drizzle on a cool, overcast day couldn't dampen our good vibes yestrday - thank ford!
Had a job interview this arvo, and they'll put me on 'trial' for three casual shifts three days next week. It's just being a general odd-bod at The Reject Shop, but it's some work at least. If I keep thinking about going to Greece, that should keep me motivated, maybe? heh heh

Ya, I know... it's absolutely not what I've been working towards, and the pay is, basically, terrible. But a job is a job... right?
Actually, I've been having a rather 'manic' emotional day today - even before I got the interview phone call. Just feeling really... light headed and I dunno... just not myself emotionally today. A bit teary, a bit weary, a bit paranoid, a bit floaty, a bit self-worthless... oh wells, that's what you get for being insane, heh? lol

Depression is a bitch. A right "Black Dog"!

Funny... I heard an ad on the radio for this place this morning too... :) The "Black Dog Institute"

XTC - Skylarking

Oh the noes! They're at it again!!!

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1 comment:

  1. life has it's up and downs. You and i know about that. The trick is to enjoy the good days to the fullest and the bad days you just let it fall off your shoulders.

    Actually impersonating Elvis on a sail boat sounds like it would be a hoot.
    And any job at this day and age is a start.