Saturday, 31 March 2007

Saturday thoughts

It's been a better day today after yesterdays feelings of just general blerginess. Looking forward to going out tonight with a few friends to a dinner and live music show at one of the local theatres. That'll be good. I haven't done something like that for a long time. Ya, looking forward to it.

Today I've been grooving (?) along to
Ben Harper - Fight for Your Mind

  • 1. If you had to choose being blind or deaf, what would you choose and why? I'd rather be blind. One of my prime enjoymnents in life is being able to hear different textures around me, the sounds of life and nature around me, no matter where I am. Of course I would miss my sight, but at least I would still be able to hear the sounds of my own children.
  • 2. What is the best smell? Approaching rainfall on a dry dusty plain/paddock.
  • 3. Would you rather be hot or cold? Rather be cold... it's easier to warm up than it is to cool down when you are hot.
  • 4. What's the worst feeling in the world? Seperation from your children. It hurts every second of every day and is slowly killing me from the inside out. Seriously. I have never been the same emotionally, spiritually or emotionally since their mum made the choice on their behalf that I just wasn't important in their life anymore.
  • 5. Would you rather have something hurt or something be itchy? Itchy. Pain sux big time.

Top 5 albums that you can't live without. (And tell us why you can't live without them)
  • 1] "Abbey Road" by The Beatles [1969]. This is it. It says it all for me. The feel, the vibe, the content, the sound, the melodies, the harmonies, the instrumentation. It echoes almost every state of mind I can imagine on 2 sides of vinyl! This is the only album that is able to make me laugh, smile and cry - thank you, chaps!
  • 2] "A Hard Days Night" by The Beatles [1964] - at their best sounding like a band together, some great chuggy rock and roll and near-perfect pop.
  • 3] "Black Sea" by XTC - near-perfect pop music. What great sounds, great tunes, quirky writing and great singing.
  • 4] "Woodface" by Crowded House - also near-perfect pop. Neil Finn is a freak! Love it.
  • 5] "Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys [Brian Wilson, 1966] - this is almost as good as it gets in the 'pop' media! Too bad he was in this band... if he was in The Beatles this album would seriously rival Sgt Pepper, certainly.
Here's my list of music that I own, all listed from favs to not!

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  1. great choices ... if I had been able to do this one, "Abbey Road" would definitely be on my list as well!

    BTW - thanks for visiting and plugging my site!

  2. My Beatles choice was Rubber Soul. It's been ages since I listened to XTC. I think I have Black Sea on cassette somewhere.

    Thanks for playing this week!