Friday, 28 October 2022

Disability Support Pension - YES

Disability Support Pension ("DSP") - YES

After so much angst on my part - I heard from them today: it's been granted: it's a YES! It's official!

I literally cried when I received the confirmation... yes, it means that much to me.

And it was a surprisingly quick decision as well - I only made my DSP application 2 months ago!

I made myself laugh, tho: this means that now I am officially considered "Disabled"... 5-1/2 years after my MS diagnosis... and I'm now officially a "Pensioner"! Oooh! [laffs] 👴

Finally being off the "Dole" (including those added stressors of trying to find appropriate 'Disabled Employment') is now a thing of the past... some of the things I had to experience during that anxious ongoing situation were... [shudders...]. But now: past tense! If I do manage to find some paid employment, great. It was the huge stress of being legally forced to find (and pointlessly apply for etc) suitable work when there wasn't any. Plus accompanying frustrating fortnightly contact meetings (which were very helpful, but still bound by ridiculous regulations). Now: past tense! Tis a huge sigh of relief from me (Note. 'major understatement'!).

➽ Please note: It's not about the $$$... it's the extra help I can now access for myself.

💥 Please Read: My DSP journey until now 💥

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  1. I'm so pleased to hear this wonderful news. It will make such a difference to your life, and not only financial.

    1. Thank you! Oh yes: It will make such a difference to your life, and not only financially".