Thursday, 2 March 2017

It's Book Time

I've been twiddling around with writing a piece of fiction, for about five years... tho, never quite getting around to filling-out the spaces, in an interwoven three-part tragedy. That's OK... it's kept my mind occupied, to a certain degree. It's just been an 'experiment' - and to be honest, something I knew I would never be able to make public or publish, being way too controversial a subject.

Today I feel encouraged and inspired enough to begin anew, with a completely different writing project. This one has taken me over three years to be emotionally-able to approach this subject (without feeling angsty again)... 'twas such a soul'n'mind-destroying time for me. It'll be a kind-of 'therapy' for me.. maybe it'll be my "The Great Gatsby"? (kidding lol)

It's going to be about my horrific radio experiences in Queensland, a few years ago. Names will be changed to protect the guilty (plus I don't want to get sued! hahaha)

It'll be "autobiographical faction", and so much of it will be absolutely 100% true, that people will simply not believe it. Oh yes, some of the situations I experienced during my time back then were simply so ridiculously absurd - but actually happened to me.

THIS is the basic premise of my whole book, right here!

In comparison, the local radio station here (2MCE-FM), is awesome, brilliant, and a happy community family! Actually - there's no comparison... 2MCE is heaven, compared to my Queensland radio experience!

The book will be about my radio inter-relationships, and has nothing to do with my ex-partner. She was my sole positive light during that time - no regrets from me there.

Now that using my hands to play and create music has limited my creative output in that direction (thanks MS!), this should become a fantastic creative outlet substitute.

Writing a book is something for me to aim for, a goal for me to shoot toward... I'll be honest, I don't know if it'll get finished, but that's OK too. It's something creative... reflective... hmmm...

Peas be with ewe 


  1. Roll on! Can't wait to hear about some of these poor apologies for human life!!

    1. Thanks Kay! It's easier to pull those memories back out for me now, since they have less negative memories on me. I think it'll be quite hilarious, because I'll tell it pretty 'straight' - that's where the "What the...?" factor will come in the story-telling!