Monday, 13 February 2017

And then... more meds...

I saw my bowel specialist today, and he thought it would be a good idea to put me on some new medication, for my Ulcerative Colitis ('UC'). Because it's under control at the moment, this is to help maintain control of my bowel for me.

I am currently using mercaptopurine (Purinethol) and mesalamine (Pentasa, the new one) to help keep my UC stable - and it's working well.

There are minimum side-affects with this one... I certainly don't want to end up in hospital again this time (like I did as a suspected side-affect), like late last year!

I haven't been given anything (if anything, apart from Vitamin D!) for my MS - yet... blimey! I'll start rattling soon!

It's frustrating, being reliant on medications... makes me feel OLD!

All my doctors keep saying I'm a "unique case", when it comes to the mix of conditions I have. Oh yeah, trust me! I've never fitted into anyones' 'box'!

On a side note... I know it's true for me, as it is for many with various forms of MS... that spell of absurdly-hot weather did affect my hand numbness a bit. Some days, my hands/fingers felt very 'spongy' (more than normal), and even my legs were marginally 'wobbly' when I walked (even tho there was no signs of numbness anywhere else). Now it has cooled down, everything seems to have settled down again - phew! It didn't affect my driving at all, either. Weird.

Plus over the weekend, I've made some positive contacts with various people online, who also experience similar forms of MS as I do. There's definitely more females than males overall, who seem to experience this disease (I've found), and definitely less in the Southern Hemisphere - weird! It's been refreshing to start finding "like-minded" people. Thanks!

PS. There is a whole lot of conflicting unhelpful rubbish online about MS, so it's good to stick to the small handful of world-respected sites, which I'm doing.

Peas be with ewe 

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