Sunday, 4 May 2014

The first "Swansong" band gig went quite well today, considering it has been only the 5th time most of the other players have ever played in front of an audience before.

Newbridge is a tiny village, about a 30-minute drive out of Bathurst, and life revolves around the classic small country pub! They've changed it a lot (for the much-better) since the last time I'd been out there. The Beer Garden is all enclosed under cover, with a large open roaring fire keeping the room nice and warm - just as well, as it was BLOODY COLD playing there this afternoon! Thank gawd we were well-out of the wind, which howled outside all day - we could see the bleak overcast sky ripped apart as the day progressed. Thankfully, no rain (or snow!)... but it's really refreshing having gorgeous green rolling countryside to watch while you're playing.

About 25 people braved the cold, and seemed to quite appreciate how the band played. The pub manager did, too, as she's booked us for another 2 gig for coming months, which is a positive for the band.

I'm the only member whos' had any performance experience, so it's nice when gigs like this come along to help encourage the others. I know it's all very casual and laid-back - and that's the way they want to keep it. It's a nice thing too... takes the pressure off me to have to try to 'create' or 'shape' something new with these guys. I'm just enjoying playing again, in this low-key very-amateur band situation, without creating a stressful situation for myself , trying to whip things into something more than it will ever be. I have to keep remembering that, as different people in this band have pretty low expectations and commitment levels when it comes to 'getting things together' - but that's OK!

For now - I'm just having a bit of simple, laid-back fun. Musicially, for me, it's a 'no-brainer'.

Tho... you know it's cold, tho, when the thick strings on your bass guitar are cold to touch!

Oh... and it was the first time I've ever gigged with a set of electric drums as well (which were a whole-lot-easier to lug, I assure you!)... so, there's always something new to experience, even 3 months off my 50th birthday. Robbie is a great drummer with great 'feel', so it's a delight to play with him (hey, as a bass-player, the rythmn sections' gotta have their $#it together, you know? hahaha).

  1. Death :: I know it's going to happen, I just hope I'm not there when it does. I'm living for the now as it as, anyways.
  2. Skirt :: nice long white cotton skirt flowing gently with a passing brush of wind.
  3. Lust :: for Life (a classic Iggy Pop groove)
  4. You :: I Me Mine
  5. Repeat :: Rinse, repeat - if at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you.
  6. Exhaustion :: how I feel after seemingly-endless nights of stretches of only 2-to-5 hours of straight sleep
  7. Obstruction :: in the bowel - no fun... stomach cramps etc. I appreciate what females must have to put up with every four weeks!
  8. Secret :: Do you want to know a secret? Standing by a wishing well...
  9. Shiny :: Speckles of dust sparking a majestic dance in a stream of molten afternoon sunlight
  10. Tell :: William - did he ever enjoy eating apples again?

Peas be with ewe 

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