Tuesday, 13 May 2014

People Who Inspire Me

Jordan Vincent and her family - Larry, Jeanette & their son, Luc

I can only write but these simple words, to try to portray someone, and a family, who are an absolute inspiration to me, despite the horrendous situation they continue to experience.

Jordan has been battling brain cancer since the age of four. Now 15, she has constantly shown to everyone, her gritty determined (almost stubborn) resolve to "Slay" this beastly cancer, to the pride, and sometime astonishment, of her family.

They don't nickname her "The Slayer" for nothing.

From California USA, I first heard about Jordan thru her dad's blog, about 5 years ago. I immediately had a sense of 'connection' somehow - simply from one father to another.

How both Larry and Jeanette (mum'n'dad) can hold themselves together sometimes, is simply beyond my comprehension. I wholly appreciate they must have private times when they simply break down and sob into each others arms. I cannot begin to imagine the unfathomable angst, having a young daughter experiencing all that she has gone thru.

The very fact that they have - is an inspiration to me.

Even her older brother, Luc, loves and cares for his kid sister - in simple ways that show me, despite the classic 'niggling sibling rivalry' here and there (all in lighthearted fun) - that he really appreciates the angst of the whole situation for everyone in their family. It cannot be easy for any of them.

The 'glue' that seems to bind them together is Jordan's resolve, her positiveness, her simple acceptance.

She is a legend, a slayer - and a personal inspiration. Words, alone, cannot express...

Here's a small sample of how she brightens everyone's world...
Her dad writes:
"Can you believe she had neurosurgery yesterday?? So amazed by her! Celebrating. http://t.co/tX1dKhDluf "
"Here you go. Here's how 'The Slayer' views the world. Given that she has a big patch of hair missing on the back of her head, and a big scar to match, we asked is she wanted us to dig out all of her beautiful scarves and maybe start rocking them until the hair grows back. She said, "no, I think it's fine just as it is." We told her that was cool, too. We just didn't want her to feel self-conscious at school. She said, "why would I be self-conscious? People have to look at my face to talk to me." "
Thank you.

(All pics by Larry Vincent)

(From the series "People who inspire me")

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