Sunday, 25 May 2014

People Who Inspire Me

With a passing comment in one of her Facebook posts, Dee said something about "people who inspired her", and it suddenly rung loudly and true in my creative head. I'm going to try and write a series of posts about this very topic... people famous and unknown.

There seems to be so much negativity going around... this might be a little way to spread a bit of positiveness.

Plus, it'll be another way for me to try and get past this current creative 'brain fog' I'm experiencing.

Oh... and I'm not 'obligating' myself to do this... it's only for a bit of creative fun - and keeping things positive.

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Posts in this series include:

Peas be with ewe 


  1. I like your idea Mal, sometimes you inspire me.

    1. Thanks Trish. It's another way to try and keeping my thoughts positive and upward-looking, too :)