Monday, 21 April 2014

Week 586
I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Steady :: as she goes... one step forward, and possibly one or two steps backwards - but at least it's movement, right...?!?
  2. Sleep :: when was the last time I actually managed to get a full nights' sleep? Oh, let me see... 15 years?
  3. Thumb :: "Under My Thumb" - the power of... hmmm... life is a caricature of reality?
  4. Straighten :: your tie... I haven't worn a tie in years, either, altho I have about 6 of them sitting there, ready to go. Ahh, the ol' days of office work.
  5. Wake up! :: not one of my strengths, to be sure.
  6. Diminish ::  diminished 5th - more tritone music chords to be chasing.
  7. Scarred ::for life - sometimes the wounds don;t heal at all, and the scars won't seem to form.
  8. Horn :: Cape Horn... remember when Aussie solo-around-the-world sailor Jessica Watson rounded Cape Horn? I certainly do, as I was following her blog almost daily at the time.
  9. Pace :: Pace yourself so slowly that nothing ever gets done? That's the feeling at the moment.
  10. Correspondence :: it feels as though it's only one-way at the moment as well. Tho it may not be.
Am I in a 'good place' as I'm writing this? No I am not. So humpf!

Peas be with ewe 

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