Sunday, 29 September 2013

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 557
  1. Spirits :: alcohol... thank goodness I rarely have anything alcoholic to drink these days... it's not that I don't enjoy a little tipple or anything, it's just that I don't drink how I used to (when I was young...)... back in those days, I drank waaaaay too much... binge drinking!
  2. Admit :: guilt... when I'm wrong, i'll admit it. No point making issues more complicated when there's something you're trying to hide.
  3. Gift :: accept... sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds to receive a compliment as you would think.... I've had to learn to say a simple 'thank you', rather than just deflect the compliment with a self-defacing negative! D'oh!
  4. Barry :: Popster... the 'Father-in-Law',a great bloke, whom I deeply respect, and have a lot of time for.
  5. Dredge :: sand dredging forever Narrabeen lagoon... a great little lake in the northern beaches of Sydney, but they are forever trying to dredge the sand out of it, to make it just-that-little-bit deeper, for water sports... it seems like they've been pumping sand out of that, ever since I was a little kid!
  6. Pajamas :: hand-me-downs ... I hate to admit it, but I'm slowly starting to get used to wearing light cotton pajamas again! I never wore PJ's for years! I must be getting old, methinks... ahh, that's all good.
  7. Cheating :: cards... I have never been able to 'play' using the whole 'poker face' thing... not so good at hiding my emotions... mind you, I don't think I've ever played a game of cards for more stakes than small coins! But a nice way to spend some time with 'some of the guys' now and again.
  8. Information :: wisdom... you may know a lot, but if you do not have the widsom as to how to use that information, there's not much point...
  9. Ivory :: piano... mum and dad bought home my cousins' old upright iron-frame piano, when I was about 11-ish... it was hand-painted with some great psychedelic images, and even keys painted across the lid as well! I loved to try to practice my piano-playing on it, but I don;t think I was ever disciplined enough as I should have been. I still play piano, tho, but not very more than basically... It's lots of fun.
  10. Past :: leave the past in the past, and stop dredging-up the pain from things you have no control over, Mal!!!

Peas be with ewe 

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