Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Today Is A New Day

How do you find yourself, when you get-up first thing in the morning?

Isn't it amazing how that, upon awakening first thing in the morning, the "Black Dog" fuzzies suddenly clear, and the world seems that little bit brighter again? It's a nice feeling, let me assure you!

Yesterday was just not such a bright day... well, that's what I was feeling. Today is a fresh start, like beginning with a blank slate again. Whew. Yes, depression is very hard to put into words!

Thankfully the weather over the next few days here seem bright, sunny and clear... looking good for a fine day to do my 'paper run' this week... not too hot... the luck of the draw so far has only seen one wet day for my run, and that wasn't insurmountable, either. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and sunshine, and basically be paid to walk for 2 1/2 hours! Those days when I'm feeling a bit 'flat' or just basically blerghy... being able to be outside, admire the gorgeous views around here, to look up into the sky, breathe in the fresh country air (sounds like I'm about to break into song, huh? haha), or even to just watch the clouds slowly drift past.... it's really soul-refreshing. For all of this, I am indeed truly thankful.

Gotta find positives in everything, huh?

And yes... this whole 'blogging' lark is still an experiment... like those posts from yesterday, they were just adaptations of posts from a few years ago!

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