Wednesday, 25 September 2013

One of the locals?

Here I am (left), with one of the locals, "Tiddalik" ... taken by Bindy in November 2012, along the banks of the Condamine River here in Warwick, on one of our nice evening strolls along the reviving waters' edge.

The photo (right) is one Bindy took of Edward and myself at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast Qld, back in June of this year... my first time ever on the Sunshine Coast! It didn't matter that it was overcast and threatening rain... it's been too long since I'd been anywhere near the sea or beach!  Growing up in NSW (Sydney's Northern Beaches, mainly), I only experienced the Gold Coast back in 2001!

With this photo (right), it's the first time I've tried a bit of photo editing, using Hornil Style Pix free photo editing software.

Bindy is a great photographer, huh? She has a real 'eye' (no pun intended!) for the visual.

Peas be with ewe 


  1. Ewe mean to say Tiddalik the frog is real?? Oh wow... I used to sing the song about Tiddalik the frog to my kids when they were little beans :) xxoo Cazzie

    1. I'd never heard of it or the story, before I moved here!
      When it floods, that poor sculpture, which sits down by the river, gets covered with a few meters of water! :O