Monday, 6 September 2010

Jordan's Journey

Taken from the current blog posting by 11-yo Jordan's father. She's currently undergoing chemo treatment for a second occurrence of a tumorous growth in her brain...

"Jordan is ready and willing to take cancer head-on..."
"In all the years I’ve known her, I’m not sure she’s ever looked so good. Maybe it’s the healthy glow from a thriving summer. Maybe it’s the blossomy aura of a young lady growing up. Or maybe it’s the confident air of survivor gearing up to take on life’s challenge again. Whatever it is, it agrees with her. She is radiantly beautiful. It’s not just her physical appearance–the tan, the way she wears her fashion, the streaks of blonde in a wild swirl of wispy hair–it’s her way. She is agreeable, chatty, charismatic. You want to be with her and she wants to be with you...

... One week has passed since she restarted chemotherapy, and she is doing great. She went in for blood work Thursday and her medical team was thrilled with her progress. Her counts look absolutely normal–no fluctuations at all. We don’t expect her stats to stay this way. She goes back on Wednesday, and we are prepared to see a decline. But I sleep easier knowing that she is handling treatment with such grace and strength. Sometimes I think we ask too much of Jordan. We require her to be strong, to persevere. I believe she would be strong and persevere even if we didn’t push her to do so–it’s who she is. But I have to remind myself on days like Saturday that the caricature I so often portray–the girl with the will of an ox–has another side. She fusses over her strategies. She yearns to live carefree. She loves nothing more than spending time with people she loves. My goal in the days ahead is to help this slayer spend more time doing these things."
Please send her and her family some encouragement as they journey together as a family - having a child battling cancer is heartbreaking.

Please note that I probably won't be posting much on this particular blog in the future, as I have happily moved my regular blogging activity elsewhere these days.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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