Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Jordan's Journey - Bold Mover

Jordan's Journey

A father journals about the journey his 11-yo daughter is traveling, as she battles brain cancer. I've been following their journey for about two years now...
"... Her teachers suggested that she address the class and share her experience. Knowing that Jordan would soon lose her hair, they thought it might help to prepare the class–to share a chapter from her life so that they could understand the coming changes. Jordan didn’t bother to share the experience with us until a couple of days later, somewhat matter-of-factly. When I asked her how it made her feel, she told me it was alright. “It’s good that they know,” she said. When I asked her if talking about it made her feel uncomfortable, she shot back, “why would I be?” And I had no answer....

"... If she is afraid, she shows no sign of it. Every day she surprises me with outbursts of maturity. It’s breathtaking to watch her in action. Jordan gets it done. She commands her soul to crest with the waves of misfortune instead of turning over to them. That’s not to say she’s a perfect angel. In fact, she drives us all crazy at times. A soul with that big a will can challenge the calmest of nerves. But I, for one, am inspired by how she navigates the rough seas of reality. She’s willing to shave her head when it’s adorned with beautiful blond tresses and prepared to share her experience in front of naturally judgmental pre-adolescent minds. Summon your dictionary and lookup ‘bold’, there may be a picture of Jordan embedded in the copy."
Please send some encouragement to this normal family in what is definitely an un-normal situation.

... and now for something complete different...

"ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT"= Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off And I Drop My Taco =)
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)


  1. Jordan and her family never cease to amaze me with their amazing journey.. thanks for sharing Mal

  2. Thanks.
    Thanks to Jordan's dad for faithfully sharing their journey with us this way :) :)