Thursday, 25 March 2010


Oh the joys... &^%$# Facebook!

I was making a new Facebook 'Group' page for "Glen and the Zen Men" (the jazz quintet I'm playing for) this morning, and Facebook decided to randomly delete my account in the process! Argh!

So I've had to create a new Facebook account under the name 'Lancelots Pram'... but it can still be found by searching under 'Mal Kiely' on Facebook.

Of course I can still be contacted on my main email addie as well - at least that doesn't change.

&^%$# Facebook! It's good - when it works! lol


Facebook madness! Three days ago, Facebook randomly DELETED my old account.
Today it's back and working 100%! What the...?
(Scratches head, is genuinely confused).

Please take note that I probably won't be posting much on this particular blog in the future, as I have happily moved elsewhere.

Contact me if you'd like more info about that.


Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. LOL! And here I was thinking you had suddenly decided to make a separate account for the "famous" Mal! (haha! See I facebook so much that I am totally in the know and noticed you were gone!) Mr Pram and I are duly friends! Now you will log in tomorrow and find you have several accounts! hehe!

  2. No no no, nothing like that! hahahahaa