Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Who Am I?

It's very insightfully interesting... I've had a pretty complete personal profile compiled online since 2001-ish... it's been attached to all my blogs since day one... but no-one ever bothers to read those things. What's the point in "trying to make yourself known" when nobody really gives a damn, in the end?

I know the profile in my Facebook a/c is partial total gibberish, but no-one has ever noticed it. Says a lot, doesn't it?

My full profile info has been included on the menu list on the right here ---> not hidden away, but quite public, available, for the full five years of my blogging journey.

Like I said, some people just don't read stuff before assumptions are made, I guess. I don't like assumptions, especially when I've gone to all the trouble to explain a lot about myself in the one place in detail already.

I'm glad Wendys' got the nounce to at least allow people to ask her things about herself. Good on her - I applaud you, ma'am.

About Me

If the tone of my latest batch of posts come across as offensive - tough.

The little comments people have posted on here are very reassuring during my bleak times, and I honestly do appreciate them. Sincerely, thank you. But, in the end, they do not replace a hug or a face-to-face dialogue, which I simply do not have. You guys do, I do not. Interpersonal community 'oikos' isn't to be found online, sadly, no matter how much you put yourself out there.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Okay I have to admit I had not read all that before but I did read the READ ME READ ME when I first came across your blog!

    Please accept this comment as my official email assuming that you really did want to know that I read that far! LOL

    Oh and 50c for the swear jar please MR!

    Hugs and smoochiesxxx
    PS Funny your title being Who am I? When I was out in the garden yesterday I was writing a song in my head about the very same subject. I probably should have written it down but I don't know how to write the music to go with the words anyway. Its just another one of those quirky habits of mine like talking to myself etc.

  2. I promise I did read it to the end and have learned a few more things about you. Now how much I will remember remains to be seen as my memory is not so hot these days. I rather wish I was heading for 50 and not 70 as there are many things I would alter if I could. Not being able to sing in tune myself, I envy you your musical ability,

  3. Hey I know exactly what you are saying words are not the same as a hug... there are times I crave a hug... yes even staying with the parents. Living with them is where love is not freely spoken about or shown.
    As for social groups... part of me craves them but then the other part is afraid of them if that makes sense. Scared of making friends only to be rejected in the end... so I just avoid it. It is something I am working on through therapy.
    I respect you for having the balls to blog... I only ever got as far as one post... just didn't have the motivation to do it.

  4. Mal the last "hug" i had was from my daughter in late August - there are a few of us out there with not too many hugs going but I would rather genuine ones than the floaty ones people toss about so easily these days which are like faerie floss

    I read it - I always do

  5. I'd read that and have done on occasion but it's not a full bio is it, that's the hard thing with the internet...there's no way we can really do the full bio without a book. That's why I threw open my Q & A on my blog, give people a chance to ask whatever they wanted to know more about me.