Tuesday, 20 October 2009

That was GREAT!

Anita Willey and I played for about an hour this afternoon, at a local Nursing Home, to the elderly residents.

We had a wow of a time playing and mingling, and the residents loved it, absolutely loved it!

They've asked us back to play again next month, which is lovely.

I really needed to get out and play again... let alone to just get out of the house! So I feel really energized, refreshed, positive, and (can I even suggest it?!?) happy for the first time in weeks.

Plus I've asked Anita to share my gig with me at Millthorpe on 1st November... we'll probably do a similar thing to what we did today... she'll play a few numbers, then I'll play a few numbers, and swap around like that. And playing a bit of light backing now and again to each other, just keeping it light and fun... it worked really well today.

--->Mr Mal is happy :) (Quick! Sometime take a photo!!! heh heh)
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Awesome news Mr Mal, and it's great to hear that bounce in your typing too, glad it went off well and you'll be going back for more!

  2. I am really happy that you are happier now.
    I imagine the oldies would have lapped you up, god knows they need something to brighten up their days.

  3. Twas a really refreshing experience. i played some items i haven't played in like 20 years, and even a song I'd never played before... i was just enjoying myself. and yes, they loved it.

    I used to do this sort-of thing [visiting retirement villages and nursing homes to play music] years and years ago with my family, when i was involved in church groups. It was satisfying then, and it's satisfying now... but with no agenda, apart from just relaxing and helping others enjoy something I enjoy doing, which is play :)

  4. You know, some people have so little joy in their lives - and when you play it live for them you are really making a difference. Pleased for you mal