Friday, 30 October 2009

Pick and Choose

I'm wanting to play eight songs I haven't done before, at Sunday's gig... my main 'problem' is trying to pick just 90-minutes-worth of music to play, out of a possible four-hours-plus-worth of stuff I could play! All depends [as it always does] on the crowd there at the time as to what will work best. At least there's a lot of differing styles and a wide variety of material to choose from in my catalogue of songs I might perform from time to time. That's the beauty of playing on your own, I guess... you can just chop and change as you go, depending on the mood/vibe of the moment.

I'm loving fiddling with a guitar capo [sincere thanx to Anita for the kind gift], which is seriously like rediscovering a whole swag of new songs, playing golden oldies in a whole new way. (Oh, I've been using capos for years, but they've always been those old-fashioned strap-on ones... this is one of those wizz-bang spring-loaded clip-on ones.... it works a zillion-percent better than my old ones. Lots of new original songs are coming out as well, thanks to just exploring using capos again.) All good fun.

I'm feeling (and looking) really bloated and unwell at the moment... not much time left now.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. you could always ask for suggestions :)

  2. Just go with what your feeling when you get there. You can read a crowd pretty well. Or ask for suggestions, like Caroline said. Just play your heart out and have FUN.

  3. Some Creedence Clearwater revival...oh yeahhh, play some CCR :)



    More info on that book at Dr Teo too..Cazzie :)

  5. So what did you decide on???

  6. Oh, those spring-loaded capos are SO much better! I had to get one for faire. I wasted far too much time fumbling with the elastic kind.