Wednesday, 23 September 2009


We received about 25-30 mm of huge rainfall last night (that's like 1-1/2 inches) in like twenty minutes.

It felt like six-months-worth of rain falling in just 20 minutes! No hail, thankfully - altho it was coming down literally in sheets for a while. A sensational spectacular. Of course I stood out in the soaking rain for a few minutes, letting it thoroughly drench me (if you've never done that... why not?!? It's glorious!)... before the sky-filled lightning scared me back inside... no need to tempt El that much, I guess.

This morning we're covered in a thick red dust storm (it's been blowing its way across the state since yesterday)! You can literally taste it on your tongue. It seriously looked like this here this morning (even tho this pic was taken in Sydney this morning...)

The joys of living in rural Australia!

Plus there's a howling gale with it to boot!

I'm going to have to re-wash the clothes hanging on my washing line again, you know...

Plus I literally just heard that a few of the local schools are closed today as a result! Crikies!

Here's my 12-yo son SJ, watching the State Motocross Dirtbike Championships, atop Mt Panorama here in Bathurst, taken back in July. He's a handsome young man, isn't he?
SJ at the Mt Panorama Motocross, 18 July 2009
It's the parent-teacher night next Wednesday for him (and his younger brother Ix). They seem to come about too quickly... the years are flying by.

Here's Anita Willey, a local singer-songwriter, playing at the Kings Hotel in Bathurst, taken back in August.
Anita Willey @ the Kings
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Your little man is the same age as our eldest. Yes, time sure does fly!
    These weather patterns are not unlike those of the 80s drought..let us hope it breaks!

  2. I don't envy you your weather at the moment!

    Your son is a good looking lad. You'll have to watch the girls in a few years!

  3. Don't those years just fly by so fast?

    We didn't get a whole heap of the dust but I had to have a giggle at how they handled it in Sydney.

  4. Wasn't it so eerie though...but kind of cool!

  5. I'll try and get a few more recent photos of the boys this weekend - hopefully!