Friday, 11 September 2009


911, eight years ago today.

Everyone remembers where they were when they first saw / heard / read / was told...

It's our times' version of things like Pearl Harbour, the JFK assassination, the moon landings, Watergate, Chernobyl, the Berlin Wall coming down...

It's so sad that these are the times our children grow-up in.

On 911 I'd only recently been seperated from my wife and family, and was living in a freezing caravan sick as a dog after my first nervous breakdown. I turned on the morning radio news, and initially thought it was some sort-of action movie they were talking about. Then I switched-on the TV, and saw...

You don't forget sights like that... those initial feelings of incomprehension... you just don't.

I just wish my own kids hadn't grown-up to see it for themselves. But I guess that's just a symptom of the twisted world we live in.

I'm not one of those who go around "blaming the Muslims" - but I'm against terrorism as a method of mass communication [obviously]. Much, much more worldwide harm and destruction has been done in the name of Christianity [or any religious cause] thruout history. So let's not just blame followers of The Book.

There are crackpots in every stream and level of society, whatever country, race, religion or creed. How many people do you know personally who you would consider to hold or profess some form of 'weird' world viewpoint about something that simply makes you feel uncomfortable? Work? Family? Church? Club? It's everywhere. It's part of our human nature.

It's just really sad when a tiny minority of particular individuals like these tend to influence others to do things that are just, well, fuxking stupid.

It's not just Muslims, or Christians, or Jews, or whatever.

OK, I'll get down off my soapbox now...

Oh, another random thought... why did 'people' get so freaked-out by the whole "Swine Flu' thing? After all these months, I think it's only a few thousand related deaths. Sure that's sad. But let's put it into perspective. A few thousand against... what's the worlds' current population...? Then compare it to the 1918 flu pandemic, where 50 to 100 million people were killed worldwide???

Helloooooo...?!? Reality check. I'd say more people died worldwide simply crossing the road during the whole swine flu thing.

abraham lincoln

Postscript... uh oh... looks like the web host server for the LP site is offline again... uh oh...
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I was breastfeeding Sarah when I turned on the telly to watch something at about 5 in the morning or so. I thought I was watching a movie, but when it turned to the scroll of news at the bottom of the screen and I seen the second tower got hit I was in absolute shock! Unforgettable!

  2. My paternal grandfather caught the Spanish flu in 1919 - the year my dad was born - he was never strong again and unable to do hard physical work - we would call it Chronic fatigue syndrome these days, and not just being a bit tired - it was aches and pains and inability to digest food etc - you are right - how many die from ordinary flu which comeseach winter - tens of thousands. No way will I have any experimental vaccine and neither will my daughters and their partners. I am old enough not to trust any politican and certainly not the profit driven and corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Sept 11 was Melissa's birthday long before the WTO thing. And so it remains. Also many middle eastern religious groups who are closer to the source of Christs birth than the Romanised form of christianity record Christ's birthday as being September 11 3BC and his being 15 mths old when the Magi actually gave the gifts. Not many people in the western christian tradition recognise that 25 Dec was a time of celebration long before Christ's birth - remarkable that the WTO was detonated on that day.