Thursday, 6 August 2009

What. A. Week!!!

Wow. What a week that was! Probably the best week I've had in about five years!! No, seriously!

* Saturday - my first solo music CD album was released.
* Sunday - played live in a concert that was recorded live for radio, later to be made into a compilation CD.
* Wednesday - I had my photo in the newspaper, after playing on Sunday (photo).
* Wednesday night - played live, and was interviewed by radio station 2 MCE - FM.
* Thursday - my eldest son turned 16, and went for his first driver's license "Learner's permit".
* Thursday arvo - played for 75-minutes live on radio, extracts of which should appear on a compilation CD.
* Thursday 5.30pm - I had the track "You Won't Remember My Name" off my album played on the radio!!!

My head is still spinning!

I will admit it... I've waited more than 20 years to be able to sing and play my own music... and to hear it played on the radio has been beyond my wildest dreams or expectations.

I burst into tears hearing something off my album on the radio! Happy tears. Just totally overwhelmed. I wish my parents were alive to know it. They would have been stoked*. I rang my brother straight away - he was really stoked too!

That's one of the up-sides of living in a rural city, where you can get gigs and airplay and a bit of free press.

And having your baby boy (who is now sixteen years old and stands a good four inches taller than you!) starting driving is... is... it's all... I'm happily dumbfounded. With my feet still firmly planted in the solid earth, tho!

Hell, the last 5+ years have been truely shitty for me. It's NICE to have some good positive news for a change, you know?

Oh... and the Lancelot's Pram webpage server host thingie seems to be back up-and-running OK now. They were just updating some of their stuff. Whew!

* 'Stoked' = happily excited
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Mal, I am so excited that you are finally getting the recognition for your works. See, you didnt need the band to get where you are now, but it would have been nice too. Congrats to you and many more to you. Congrats to your son, for his getting the learners permit to drive, makes a Daddy proud!

  2. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am that things are so good for you and you are at last achieving your ambitions and getting some recognition.

    Congratulations to your son, it's a lovely feeling when our children and in my case grandchildren reach milestones.

  3. Yay you! I am so happy for you my friend!

  4. Congratulations Mal on both your musical achievements and being short. :D

  5. I knew things happen for a reason...although they don't show themselves right away...but now you can see it...congrats!!!

  6. Thank you very much. "Short"? In a 5' 10" sort-of-way, do you mean? lol

    Anita's podcast recording seems to have worked. I'm just checking it all now :)

  7. so pleased for you how things are going...Just to be doing what you love doing is more than too many people ever get to do. I posted off on friday to get a copy of your album...You won't get it till mid week the way the mail is going...I'll be away for ten days soon so will have to wait till I get back for it...I hope you sell many...