Monday, 3 August 2009

Played on the Radio and Internet

Yesterday's "Lancelot's Pram" gig, live on the radio and streamed on the internet with "Sounds Live", went pretty well. Thanks to those who listened.

Someone took a handycam video of some of it, so I'll try and get my hands on a copy of that as well.

I spent a little time yesterday morning working on a drum loop track... yes, I'm already thinking of music for my next album! I've got about another 10-15 songs that aren't too bad that I can use, and even doodling on guitar watching the cricket on TV last night I was coming up with some new song ideas. So, no-one listens to my music, I don't really give a toss, as I'm doing it for myself anyway for fun.

I had a nice relaxing evening as well afterwards last night, hanging out with Peter and Anita and a few of their friends and fam over a few casual drinks. I simple don't do this kinda stuff enough, and it's refreshing for my weary soul. Anita is developing her own website for her solo music as well, which is bleedin' awesome, even tho it's still 'under construction'.

Here's a link to a video of one of her songs taken yesterday as well.

Postscript: I just heard from my only brother, who just received his copy of my CD, and he was in tears he was so excited and proud and happy. That's very satisfying for me.

Plus I've literally just sold two CD's online! Business is booming - that's four CD's I've sold all together! hahahaaaa!

I've been tweaking the Lancelot's Pram webpage as well (looks a lot better now), but I'm not happy with the media page, but I'm working on that...
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. That's a fantastic story Mal. Be sure to post those videos of you plaing on the networking site. Gray Dourman would love you.