Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New Songs

Obviously the autobiographical book for my sons I was trying to write earlier this year is on hold / on the back-burner for now. The skeletal framework is all there, so it won't be too hard to get back to it eventually.

Sitting down this morning, taking a look thru my "Songs that need to work on to get finished" list, there are thirty songs sitting there, that really don't need that much work to get them up-to-speed as workable little songs! Blimey! I was really quite surprised, as I've never ever considered myself a 'prolific' writer, by any means! I wrongly thought there were only about ten-or-so songs sitting on the backburner...

Looks like there's plenty of material sitting there already to get me thinking about about the next CD album... but I need to sit back and see what stuff is 'alright' and what is 'mediocre'... that's always a challenge. There's plenty of time for new songs to appear out of nowhere as part of the process... that's what happened with the last one. It's all fun.

The Wednesday night Singer-songwriter nights will be a good medium to work out some of those songs, thankfully.
Those Wednesday nights are starting to achieve what they'd set-out to do... Anita Willey started coming along to help her self-confidence as a performer with some of her new original songs. Now she's getting invites to play regularly on-air, developing her own webpage, and working towards doing her own album. It's like she's taking the next step, which is really encouraging, as far as the Singer-Songwriters nights are concerned. You GO, girl!

I'm by nature an 'encourager'... not necessarily good at what I do, but try to encourage others to do the best at what they try to do (it's just part of my passion as a teacher/trainer, altho I'll never be able to do that line of work ever again, godammit). It's a catch-22 for a manic-depressive-type to be like that by nature, as it's very easy to take simple harmless things personally to heart and turn things back-to-front, when it's not like that at all. It can be very emotionally draining as well, even unintentionally. I'm going fine, really, but I know the "Black Dog" still lingers in the mix all the time... it's just how I keep myself mentally occupied to keep the mongrel bitch out of my conscious mindset from day-to-day. Yes, I still have shitty black motivationless days, it's just that I don't talk about them as much, as I know how depressing it is to read about someone having continually on-going shitty days. I know it's hard to know what to say or what not to say, so people end up saying nothing at all. I've experienced that so many times over the last 10 years it's just not funny asnymore. In fact I'm slightly imune to it all. But it still hurts and has a nasty sting to my spirit somedays. But I try and walk on thru it. Blah blah blah.


I've found a really simple user-friendly way to share my music samples online. Thanks so much to Colin for the link. I've added this to the Lancelot's Pram 'media' page (as well as the Youtube videos), rather than a whole lot of unwieldy things... it's now just one small thing. wOOt! Doing your own webpage is all about 'fiddling' and 'tweaking' endlessly, I think! heh heh

Find more music like this on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP (for mature music fans, bands & industry)
(NB. To stop the player, press the 'pause' button <||> on the player).
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Mal, it ain't bla bla bla, if you need to get it off your chest then do it..and there are people here that read you and we need not make comment... but if it helps, we are here to read ok.
    Keep on strummin' that tune, when you are up to it ok.

  2. You are so kind! Thank you! I do know I've been rabbiting-on about my music a lot lately. I appreciate that, ma'am :) I'm actually feeling about 7 out of 10 on the 'scale', which is awesome for me!

  3. sounds great mal!!! great job...alot of hard work there...

  4. Why on earth have a blog if you can't bare your soul? I tend to try to be Pollyanna sometimes when I'm feeling anything but "glad", and I want to be more honest and spillgutz in my blog (more you say?)

    I was thinking the same thing as you, people don't want to hear anyone constantly talking about how bad things are. But if that's how they are, that's how they are. It doesn't bother me, if I don't know I can't support you, as little support as I can be way over here. And you'd be surprised how many people are going through similar things, they just don't feel safe enough, or that people care enough, to write/talk about it.

  5. Mal,
    Get in touch with my Pal Toby Burton at RTYD (he runs it) and he will put your stuff on the RTYD download label so you don't hav eto bother with setting up your own site. You can then promote it using a fan page on the sister site RTD for Fans.Toby is cool and will be into the for you.

  6. Oh and Mal, thanks a LOT. I have several of your songs from the new CD in my head every time I get out of the car (our home stereo is a boombox right now and crap). But that has to be a good thing right? The latest (and the kids are even singing it) is "What Am I Going to Do?"