Sunday, 9 August 2009

Music webpage offline

The Lancelot's Pram music main webpage is currently offline due to the free webhost server updating their software. It should all be back up and available very shorty. If you haven't been able to open the webpage and get any info or order any CD's thru there etc etc, that's why! I apologise, but it's not of my doing. Tis the joys of using a free webhost. Info and details are still available thru my Facebook and MySpace music websites.

My first music podcast "Unplugged 789" is also being uploaded as we speak. Plus I'll attempt some preliminary art sketches for the album cover for my next music project ("PurpleGreenBlue") as well (I can visualize the concept of the album cover image art in my head.. if I'm actually able to do it is another question! heh heh). Nice way to chillax on a Sunday evening tho.

I've had yet another absolutely lovely weekend... that's two in a row now... surely some sort of record for me, considering the shitty record I've had over the past few years! heh heh.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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