Thursday, 18 June 2009

'Lancelot's Pram' Live

Last nights' regular singer/songwriters event, "Sing-Song-Sung" was unfortunately postponed by the organizers at the last minute.

Nevertheless, I went along and asked the manager at The Kings Hotel here if I could play a "walk-up" freebie... in other words, an unannounced gig, no-charge. They had no problems and quickly said yes.

It was really quite ballsy of me, to be honest. But as they knew what to expect when I preform, it wasn't too much of a hurdle for them to go with it on the spur of the moment.

I ended-up playing just a 45-minute 'set' of a mix of covers and originals - and had an absolute ball. The small handful of regular punters couldn't stop laughing as I played up to them by keeping things fun, light and enjoyable, throwing in lots of random ad-libbing for pure fun. They loved it. So did I. People were very happily surprised to see a performer having fun, exhibiting passion, and enjoying himself along the way!

Did I mention it was fun?

I said to someone the other day... it's weird that so few people who do 'this solo music stuff' actually seek to 'entertain' their audience! My only agenda is to make people smile - and it works! Why don't more people do it? I know it's not everyones' cup of tea, and that's quite OK too. When it comes to music, it's a personal thing. Like I said, if I can make people smile, then I've achieved my aim.

I'm considering playing the "small outlaying country pub" circuit around here, performing good-fun interactive stuff for the local punters. I know they'd appreciate a bit of irreverent humour and a wide mix of covers. I know I'm not "good enough" to do the "serious solo singer/songwriter" circuit, like quiet cafes and places like that. But there should be plenty of opportunities to play in small corners of some of the smaller pubs around the place around here... it's a plan, and I'll start thinking about planning to get that rolling in the next weeks. It won't be "big money" certainly, but it'll be a little bit of extra spare cash, which is much better than the nil regular income I'm receiving at the moment...

I need to get this CD album together first... that's gotta be my primary priority music-wise at the moment. With that finished, I can hand-out demo-sample CD's out to prospective managers etc, along with a Press Kit, and get some ongoing live work with it. It's the same thing we were going to do with "The Night Before"... heaven knows I've still got all the folders and CD covers and stuff left over from that failed project just sitting here!

The "Lancelot's Pram" solo music website is still being developed, but it's ready to be viewed at

Mal as "Lancelot's Pram", performing live at The Kings Hotel, Bathurst, 17 June 2009
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Awesome Mal!!! Such wonderful hard work is gunna pay off well :)

  2. Sounds as though you provided a good evening of entertainment. The site's looking good. Good on you :)

  3. Go you, just rocking away in a pub! Very impressive :)

  4. Way to go Mal! We are in serious need of your kind on entertainment here!

  5. I don't see why you can't make the step up to the quiet cafe's etc.

    Think about making teh new album available as mp3 downlaods too. Why not offer it to rock til you drop who will put it up on its records site for you. Check the link on my page Mal.

  6. I agree with all the others...and great photos