Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Solo Gig

Tonight's albeit-short solo acoustic gig at the pub tonight went really well and twas happily received by all present, thankfully. It's best described as "energetic-acoustic-blues-folk-pop-rock -improv"! There's a vague possibility of some paid work coming out of it in the future, but I won't hold my breath there. It's interesting networking with other musos thru these nights, tho. What may come out of it, I've no idea, apart from following-up a few nice people along the way. I'll just keep plugging away recording my original songs for this album in the meantime...

It is sooooooo foggy here tonight - our first almost-pea-souper for the winter! The three-block drive home after the gig took a while, as I had to creep along slowly... luckily there weren't many other cars about that time of night. Tis one of the joys of living in a country town.

Julian (the drummer) is being worked almost to the bone, away so much at the moment traveling (he's a sales rep), simply because he's taking some time off when their second child is born next month! Poor bloke... he's aching for a play, but he's away most weeks at the moment! He's gonna be rather surprised when we actually DO get together and play next, as I'll have about five+ new songs of mine he's never heard before to play with him! heh heh. That should be really refreshing, and help me nail a few ideas for them. Or maybe not...? It's hard, because I know I'd do a lot of them totally different in a 'band' situation (arrangements etc etc), but as it's basically just me, I'll be keeping it all pretty basic, more-or-less. But we'll see...

He's gonna be busy enough having a new child to father as it is anyway. Bless 'im!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. glad your still out there playin mal! just have fun.

  2. Glad your gig went well.

  3. It would take courage to do it solo...but most good music lovers would really appreciate someone who can play as you do

  4. You sound happier since you've been playing a bit more Mal. Solo would be so great for your confidence since it's being so well received.

    Drove through the first fog of the season here too this morning, at 10.30ish am!!