Friday, 1 May 2009


I know *I* had a good rehearsal time playing last night, even if I was on my own...

But yeah, I actually really did enjoy just playing for a good three hours, albeit solo. (I'm basically paying for the rehearsal space, so I might as well use it while I can!). The main thing (for me) is that at least I'm happy with what I'm doing, even if nobody else seems to be? Who knows? That's not a negative, that's just the way it seems to be at the moment. (If a tree falls in a forest, does anybody hear?)

(Point of clarification... Julian and Eddie were away, and Andrew unavailable).

For whatever unknown reason, the modem with my laptop (my main computer) isn't co-operating this morning, but the same modem is working on this machine - my old clunking desktop PC. Go figure! This one works fine, but is unusually slow and clunky after I had it repaired about 2 years ago... hmmm...

It's always the way... even tho the day had been predicted as cool and clear, I've awoken this morning to a heavy encasing wet fog outside! So much for cutting the grass one last time this growing season! D'oh! lol.

And yes, I was quite serious about feeling as though an impending major decision is looming, although I have no idea what it may be at this stage!!!

How bizarre! Now the modem works fine with the laptop! Must have been an ISP huccup? Who knows?

Anyways... for whatever random reason, I've been wearing my old glasses a lot lately... jokingly I call them my "Harry Potter" glasses!(Yes, it's cold this morning [a very-early just-got-out-of-bed morning!!!]... it was just 1c when I took this (a wholly unflattering pic, granted!), and that ancient battered beanie has sure seen better days... but who's gonna see me looking like this and wearing something as grotty as that...? Oh... D'OH! hahahaa.)

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. must be the month for everyone's computer to play

    You look like you have lost some look great, the hat gives you a little mistique :)

  2. Thanks! Actually, I've been piling ON the weight, simply because subconsciously I'm so unhappy!

  3. It's all going straight onto my butt and tummy, basically! lol. Oh, i trimmed my beard right back last week... maybe that's it? lol

  4. Comfort eating huh? Been there done that. Beanie makes you look "arty".

  5. Harry Potter glasses - heh heh. Not bad, really. At one time they were more like John Lennon glasses. Harry has ruined us.

  6. Don had a selection of beanies and I quite like them. I like how all the young guys wear them these days...keeps your head warm...yay for beanies...and the wearers.

  7. I called those glasses "John Lennon" glasses for years, but it's not as relevant nowdays? rofl rofl

  8. I love your Harry Potter glasses. I used to wear a pair about 10 years ago. I've gone for slimline modern ones now.

    Mal, thanks so much for popping by the blog. I have noticed that you've come by and left comments while I've been MIA. I have appreciated it. You're a good 'un. ((Mal))