Tuesday, 28 April 2009

TV Reception

Thanks to our ANZAC Day specials (plus due in part to our Govt's hand-out grants etc), I managed to buy myself one of those new-fangled digital set-top boxes for my TV... so now, not only do I (at long last!!!) have crystal-clear TV reception (not something we assume out here in rural Australia...), but I've gone from five free-to-air channels to ten! Cool!

(It looks like one of these things...)

Still, there's not a whole lot on TV to inspire me to watch, tho... but I AM looking forward to watching the cricket on digital TV at home! Roll-on summer!

Anyways... our Autumnal-Wintery weather has arrived with a vengeance... there's the possibility of a few light powderings of snow in the district over the next few days! It doesn't seem that long ago we were laying here panting with the extreme summer temps!

I adore this cooler weather tho, oh very much so.

I haven't been writing and posting much, because "I haven't anything positive to say at the moment".
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. 10 channels?


    We have hundreds.......mind you there's still nothing on..

  2. I froze my A$% ...I mean nose off riding my bike, lol.

  3. Amazing! Technology is creeping in sideways!

    Im not so sure about this cold weather though, Ive kinda gone off the whole camping in May idea!

  4. Well, there is one thing to say about tv - when it is too cold to go outside, at least it can keep you entertained for a while.

  5. Ten? How can that be? We still only get the usual four free to air here.

    And the wind was blowing off the snow somewhere over the weekend, it was icy cold.

  6. We've had five free-to-air TV channels for a long time now... ABC1, SBS, Prime (7 Network), NBN (9 Network), and Southern cross/Capital (10 Network).

    Now with the digital service, there's in reality only an extra three channels, as both 7 & 9 are just digital repeats of themselves. ABC2 is good for documentaries and music, and SBS2 is the international language news service. 10's digital "One" sports network isn't available out here yet. This is just all the free-to-air stuff. I've never bothered with pay-TV/cable etc, as I simply could not justify the expense for the limited amount of TV I actually watch.

    But the delight for me is having crystal-clear reception at long last! And yes... the cricket looks awesome with a clear reception picture! heh heh.

  7. It also helps that I have over 240 DVD movies and shows to watch as well! http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=31199338

  8. Whoa....ten channels....don't lose your head!!!

  9. Okay got it now. Great you have good reception, I know in Sydney we could get the free to air channels on Foxtel and they were so clear. Not the same here though, Austar is Foxtel's little brother and yet to catch up.

    LOL@ our American friends who have soooo many channels to watch.