Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tight Windy Drives

Years ago, when I was first driving, my late dad suggested I should "do the Galston Gorge". To brush-up on my cornering techniques.

Clever man!

It's one of the tightest, windiest winding bits of road that you can find in the Sydney area (where I grew-up). It's not a particularly long section of road, by any stretch of the imagination, but a popular one.

Yes yes, that's a FIVE km/h hairpin bend on the Galston Gorge! Perfect for tightening-up your driving skills as a young man.

Over the years I've discovered (usually by pure accident rather than by design) bits of mountain roadways that are long, windy and "interesting" drives (to say the least!). There's one on the NSW South Coast that winds up across the escarpment face (but exactly where it is escapes my immediate memory right now...).

Oh, but for pure length and boringness for long and windy roads, is the one coming thru about 45-minutes of gorgeous rain-forest south of Cairns in North Queensland (between Atherton and Gordonvale. Kuandra hill is a goodie too, which is up that way also). Driving through amazing virgin rainforest totally surrounding you... Beautiful scenery... but by a pure random fluke I managed to find myself driving along this long, windy, repetitively-boring stretch of tight, windy road just after sunset in the rain! 45-minutes of "when the hell is this going to end?" driving? Oh, I was safe and the road was fine - it's not totally wilderness, even tho the surrounding rainforest technically is.

But that's nothing compared to these photos I stumbled across online recently... between the borders of Chile and Argentina, sliding down one-side of the Andes mountains...

Leaves any other stretch of road far far behind, surely!!!

No side safety rails, poor surface conditions, loooooong drops... plus it's a major international highway to boot!!! And - no Photoshopping in sight!

I think I "feel the need" to jump in my car and go for a nice long happy drive for a few days, perhaps? Especially now the holidays are over, winter is approaching, and random yet lovely, quiet places to stay overnight will be at cut-rate prices. North coast or South coast... where should I go this time?
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I know that road on the south coast and I can't remember where either.

    Mal just a suggestion, why don't you do a post about your Dad, and your Mum for that matter? It would be really interesting.

    Oh and come to Junee!!! It's lovely down here now.

  2. Head north as chances are it will be a wee bit warmer.

    I prefer to be a passenger on long windy roads like that so I can take in the scenery.

  3. those roads make no sense! I love michigan and all of it's flatness! Vermont drove me crazy with it's winding roads.

  4. The drive from Wauchope (NSW) to Walcha and on to the new England Highway has officially 47 kms of winding road with mountain drops on one side...will not take my old kombi van there...
    but about another 50kms is almost as bad so you seem to spend about 2hrs steering and apologising to the huge line of bike riders and spports car types in single file behind you... not going to do that one again for a while.