Wednesday, 1 April 2009

School Night

Tonight is the first "Parent-Teacher" night for the year, at my younger two sons' school.

Even tho I've been involved in this process for a number of years now as a parent, it's still makes me giggle. I still remember my own parents coming to mine when I was a kid, and these lovely, relaxed, informal yet informative evenings are fantastic ways to help keep track with their schooling progress.

Yet it's catch-22... we still get a giggle, their teacher and I, as I usually inadvertently slip-on my ex teachers'-supervisors hat and find how the teacher has been going themselves! They're cool with that... I know they appreciate being asked how they are going, rather than just being hit with a thousand questions about one of their students, you know?

Oh, the boys are going great at school, educationally, socially, physically, all of that. I've no fears or concerns at all there. Tis one of the joys of them being in a small school (there's about 30 kids from Kinder to 6th-class in the whole school).

My main concern is... what to wear? What to wear?!? [kidding]

On another topic... I've written the first posts on my new "Private" blog experiment. Check it out, only if you're interested. No pressure and no worries from me. Thanks.

That's no April Fools Day prank, either! :D

Unless, of course, you want to know where spaghetti comes from? Trees, of course!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Children do seem to fare better in smaller classes. Glad your boys are doing well.

    When you say ex-teacher what did you teach?

  2. So glad the boys are doing well Mal, they're lucky to be in the school they're in. And to have you for their dad.

    So what DID you wear? ;)

  3. I think you should totally dress up in "EMO" lots of black, maybe a bit of blood drawn on the lip for good measure! Then maybe you could break into "Screamo" just for emphasis???

    Just kidding! Just go as yourself, I have it on good authority that teachers tell you what they think you want to hear! I have been there, done that and they lie! A kid can be disruptive and annoying and they will say they are doing great! School really pisses me off! Well useless teachers do anyway! There are still a few good ones out there, its just hoping that kids get that one out of ten that is worth something!

  4. We had all four of our kids' PT interviews, one after the other//OMG! haha

  5. That is great they have a small class! I believe the do so much better that way!

    So - do the teacher's remember you as a student with fond memories???

  6. Don and I never felt welcome at the girl's school. I think for some reason we were considered a bit beyond the pale by the teachers. They went to catholic chools, and Don and I weren't part of the little community of canteen and church people... we were flat out just looking after ourselves and lurching from one health crisis to another...but they did get a good education...