Tuesday, 7 April 2009


There's really not a lot going on in my little world that I can share about at the present moment in time, simply because there's not a lot going on that's blog-worthy! Oh, of course, there's always stuff going on and mulling-over in my mind and soul, but that's not really blog-worthy stuff either. I could ramble-on about subconscious philosophical doodlings like that last mysterious post, but that'd bore you to tears, Paige!

There's nothing necessarily wrong or upsetting me (as such), just going thru (what everyone does from time-to-time) one of those "life ho-hum" periods.

I remember when we first moved in here almost five years ago (and this has been one of the longest periods of time I've been able to stay in one place. I love it here!) that we first heard strange, indiscernible sounds late at night! We couldn't figure out what they were, or where they were coming from. The easiest way to describe it would be like a long loud hissing gas leak, of a coffee percolator going off! But at like 11 o'clock at night, for no apparent reason?

It took my original housemate and I a few weeks to figure it out, hunting around the place with no success... especially after some quiet late-night stay-at-home watching scary DVD movies... out of nowhere... HHHHHSSSSSSS!! Would make you jump out of your seat and send your blood chilling!

Low and behold, quite by accident, we finally discovered the source of the strange ethereal late-night sounds...

In one of the trees opposite our front windows and doorway dwells a small nocturnal family of harmless possums!

To this day I've never seen them by day, but I can occasionally hear them rustling about and occasionally hissing their annoyance at whatever it is that annoys possums late at night.

But still... every now and again... at home-alone, late-at-night, with some scary thriller mystery on the idiot box... the unsuspecting HHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSS still scares the living begeebus out of you! hahahaaaa.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Possums? Hmm and here I was thinking maybe a snake was about! LOL! Your Ho hum sure beats my life right now! I am kinda getting the urge to RUN!!!!! Long time since I have had that feeling! Im kinda getting a little scared!

  2. Oh cuuuuuuuuuute! Sorry my uuuuu key is playing up. I love possums! Especially since I know they're not nesting in my wall cavity. Your post made me smile a big smile Mal.

    Karisma! Sorry I know this is Mal's blog, but girl I know that feeling! Hope you're okay.

  3. well at least you figured it out.

  4. karisma... if you even think about running, I'ma gonna come up there and kick ur butt myself!!!

  5. I was thinking snake too!

    I do have to say - your possums are a lot cuter than our opossums; big old hairless uglies.