Friday, 10 April 2009

I'm a King Bee

Just a friendly reminder to pop-over to Jordan's Journey for a visit, to encourage and reassure this great family. Thanks.

I had a sleepless night again the night-before-last, so I made myself two classic Rolling Stones mix 'tape' CD's for myself. This is my absolute favourite Stones'-era music-wise, their early 60's years. If it were possible, this is the sort of music I'd want to play in a band these days. But realistically it's just not gonna happen (sigh). But their late 60's period was amazing as well. I've already made myself a mix 'tape' CD of that era a few years ago! heh heh.01 Come On
02 Poison Ivy
03 I Wanna Be Your Man
04 Route 66
05 I Just Wanna Make Love To You
06 Carol
07 Walking the Dog
08 Little by Little
09 I'm a King Bee
10 It's All Over Now
11 Around and Around
12 Empty Heart
13 Confessin' the Blues
14 Grown Up Wrong
15 Suzie Q
16 Off the Hook
17 What a Shame
18 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
19 Down-Home Girl
20 You Can't Catch Me
21 Down the Road Apiece
22 Surprise Surprise
23 Heart of Stone
24 The Last Time
25 Oh Baby
26 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
27 Mercy Mercy
28 Hitch-Hike
CD 1 - 78 mins

01 Gotta Get Away
02 Talkin' 'Bout You
03 Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
04 I'm Free
05 One More Try
06 Get Off My Cloud
07 She Said Yeah
08 Stupid Girl
09 Doncha Bother Me
10 Think
11 Flight 505
12 It's Not Easy
13 Going Home
14 19th Nervous Breakdown
15 Paint It, Black
16 Mother's Little Helper
17 Under My Thumb
18 Out Of Time
19 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
20 Let's Spend the Night Together
21 Who's Driving Your Plane
22 My Obsession
23 Connection
24 Please Go Home
25 All Sold Out
26 Complicated
27 Miss Amanda Jones
CD 2 - 76 mins

Band rehearsal last night was practically a non-event, with Julian having to cancel at the last moment due to exhaustion (and that's fair enough! After driving like a 12-hour+ day, the last thing you'd wanna do is go out again after getting home and having your precious infant daughter crawl all over you! He's a great dad!), and Andrew was a no-show, inexplicably. So Eddie and I managed to run thru a few numbers together, but what we really need is a few good consistent weeks-in-a-row with all of us there to finally nail this bugger down pat! Anyways... at least I'm really happy with my guitar sound. That's a huge plus. Oh... some people fiddle for months and years trying to get their 'sound', but I seem to have acquired mine using my simple set-up almost straight away. Yesss!

Eddie and I got home afterwards and had a good ol' "couple of blokes shooting the breeze over a couple of relaxed beers" until about 11pm. That was relaxing. But he's moved out of here for now, as he's not working here in town for at least the next three weeks. So that's more the pity for me. :(
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Gosh you have been busy.

    Happy Easter Mal.

  2. Nice one Mal. Sounds like a great Stones tape. I dig that.