Monday, 13 April 2009

I Saw My Sons!

For the first time in what seems like forever, I spent a few quality hours with my youngest two sons yesterday, going bowling. The eldest son, JD, had gone camping with some friends over Easter. Of course, Easter and camping in the same sentence = rain! And yes, we got some steady rainfall this weekend, tho. not to worry... rain and camping just adds to the memories!

SJ, Ix and I played two games of 10-Pin bowls together. Doesn't matter who wins (I sure didn't hahahaa!), because we always seem to really enjoy it. Brings out the competative streak in SJ for sure... wonder where he gets that from? [whistles nonchalantly...]

A cute moment was when a c.12-yo girl in a nearby lane was totally checking-out 12-yo SJ, much to his bemusement. He tried to subconsciously act so 'cool'... for all of 2 minutes, when he basically lost interest in trying to put on an 'act'! Twas very cute watching him growing up tho.

As always, spending time with my sons is wholly refreshing to my soul. Oh, you have no idea how it makes me feel!

My boys' photos to follow...

Even tho I usually have the radio on here most of the day, burbling away in the background (when I'm not listening to music!), I'd heard absolutely nothing about some motor car races here at The Mount this weekend! as soon as I'd picked the boys up, Sebbie let me know... I hadn't booked tickets or anything, and we quickly decided to check it out after we'd had our bowling fun.

It was about 3pm, and there was NOBODY at the ticket gates to be seen! There were still car races happening, so we drove upto the top of The Mount to have a great vantage point of what was happening. We'd just missed a few small rain squalls, and while the track was still damp, I kept a wary eye on some nasty looking clouds passing away behind us all the same. No worries there.

We managed to watch about five vintage car races from Reid Park, and there was about 100 people up there in total! So much for the supposedly-mighty "Easter Races" :( BUT - the vintage cars were awesome! There must have been some racing that were easily from the 1920's!!! As well as cars from the 1940's thru the the 1970's as well, like old Cortinas and Mini-Minors and that. The boys were fascinated!

One car no-one could believe must have been something from the 1920's (or earlier!), that basically looked like a giant rusty washing machine on wheels! Normally it takes a car about 3-ish minutes to drive a lap around The Mount. This particular car took about 7 or 8 minutes per lap, it was so heavy! But it was gorgeous to see someone had gone to all the effort to keep a car like that on the road, let alone racing on The Mount!

Oh... photos to follow...

I've spent the rest of my quiet Easter weekend downloading Rolling Stones songs, mostly 1970's stuff that I didn't have copies of. So yeah, now basically I have the whole Stones album catalogue to work through now. Excellent. I actually like the Stones.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you guys had a great day together. Sounds like you enjoyed some good male bonding activities. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. sounds like you had awesome fun and its not half obvious how much you love them :) would have been awesome to watch the classic old cars racing around.

    how cute was it with SJ and that girl *giggles* they grow up so fast :P

  3. Glad you boys got to spend some quality time together! Sounds like you all had great fun. It rained here too today. Great day for that bbq lol.
    We had fun despite the usual birthday child tantrums! Winding down bow, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Happy Easter!

  4. Sounds like you had a good weekend :)

  5. Good that you got to spend some time with the boys. Hopefully there'll be lots more.

  6. excellent! you and they need that time together.


  7. I so miss having timewith my kids..both grown, one 2,000 miles away, both much too busy w/their own lives. The rare times I see them, it just renews my everything! Good for you! Have a great week

  8. Sounds Don was a vintage car freak and would just sit and look and no doubt remember...good stuff.