Thursday, 26 March 2009


Thanks, everyone, for some of your great interesting responses to that last post. Food for thought about the unknowable and often-unfathomable ying-and-yang of creative energies.

As Molly beautifully quoted, "an artist and a poet are only appreciated in the meadow not on the assembly line."

Not that I'm placing myself in that category...! Good gawd no! I just stumble-trip onwards.

Even tho Eddie won't be available for tonight's band rehearsal (of course I'm as frustrated about it as he is, but I'm fine with that - I've had good think and positive perspective-readjustment about that! lol), Andrew Julian and I are looking forward to exploring some new music together. Heck, we just love playing together. Let's do it!

At least I've remembered to recharge my camera batteries this time... hopefully I'll remember to take some updated photos. I don't have any of Andrew yet as it is! Oh whups! It's just that once we start playing, I just seem to forget about the camera... too busy enjoying being 'in the pocket' musically. 'Tis a nice place for the soul to be.

I haven't said anything much lately about this book I'm supposed to be writing, have I? (It's an auto-biography for my sons). Basically I'm currently plodding away editing about 600-pages of raw material at the moment!!! Yes... just writing writing writing lots and lots of raw basic words on page after page needs to be reviewed, re-read and edited too. Just part of the process.

The motivation hasn't always been there to keep getting stuck-in and write, to be honest. But when I make a focused attempt to just sit down and write, the bloody stuff pours out of me, typos, bad syntax etc, warts and all. It's OK... it's good just to get stuff down on 'paper' (so to speak). There's no real right or wrong way to write a book, but it sure helps to have some raw material to start with, huh?

I think I've solved my problem about posting stuff that gets read by people who shouldn't really be reading this place anyways. (Posts one and two explain it). I've set-up a private "Invite Only" blog alongside this one, so when I feel the occasional need to let off some steam, yet not offend or upset someone I may know in real life - I can there! I may share stuff on there I don't feel wholly comfortable or able to here, I guess. Just part of the cycle of Blogging, especially after almost five years now of this blogging journey for me.

I was thinking of how I could set something up so that certain individual posts here could be set to a private/password only-type readership (like on WordPress etc) . Yet on Blogger, you can't do that for individual posts - tis either the whole blog or not at all, and I do not want to do that. Not to worry.

It will NOT be replacing this one, not at all. This blog you are reading now will remain my primary place to say all the things I want to say... "some insights into my alleged Thoughts, Ideas, Comments, Observations, Editorials, Musings, Rantings, Ravings and Current Objective Critical Relative Subjectivism... bull$#it, in other words!" hah hah hah.

So... yeah! When I need to use the other blog for a particular post, I'll let ya know here! No worries. Thanks to Shelley for bouncing off some ideas about it while we were Plurking last night.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Thanks Mal...will keep an eye out...I am going to put up an IP thingie and hit counter so I can tell when those mingrel reatives of mine read my blog so slyly...then I will mention that I know every time till they get sick of it...its another tactic. I may even get some enjoyment from it...tee hee

  2. Bugger I meant "Mongrel" not "mingrel"

  3. Looking forward to seeing some band pics. Molly is a very wise lady.

    For your sake I hope you won't be needing your private blog too often but it's a good way to manage things.

    Sounds to me that you have already got a lot of material for your book good luck with the editing, and keep writing. :)

  4. hey stranger! Glad things are going well with you. I think the problem with creative people is that they try to cram too much creating into not enough time. Always wanting to do that little bit more. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses and enjoy what you have created already! Theres always time for more. Your book sounds interesting, what a great idea.