Monday, 2 March 2009

I want to post something, but I don't know what to post. Or rather, I don't know what to say.

Everything is fine and hoopy, but I'm feeling absolutely dank.

I'm trying so hard... but things just never seem to work out. All. the time. I'm so bone-weary tired of forever being labeled as "eccentric" or "misunderstood". It's simply not cute anymore.

I just don't have any energy (emotional, physical, spiritual, emotional etc) to keep doing any of this anymore. Black dog 1, Life -23,465.
I really sincerely do appreciate all your supportive encouragement thru here, but in the end, online friendships are pretty one-dimensional, and no practical substitute for face-to-face. As positive as online social stuff is, it's just not cutting it. It's not you guys, no way. It's me - as usual.

Mind you... I'm jack of people from fucking ADELAIDE asking me to come to THEIR place all the time. Like... I can just drop everything and jump in my car and travel over 1,500 kms, just to have a cup of coffee with people I've never met and probably won't meet ever again? Piss off!

Oh, I'm just talking crap. Ignore this post and move onto something else.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Sorry it's not a good day. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  2. 30 years of this? no, it won;t 'pass', like a good shit. I'm JACK of feeling like this time and time and time again. i'm over it.

  3. Hey Mal, sorry to hear the black dog is dragging on your ankles again. As you know I can relate to that place.

    Boot the dog across the field and tell it to bother someone else.


  4. Oh dear- you'd better have some hugs back: ((((hugs)))).
    I'm a bit blech, but I went out with a friend taking photos of sandhills this morning and kept my mind off stuff. Sorry we keep inviting yo to Adelaide for the coffees- most of us REALLY mean it- I'm sure we'd like you just as much face to face. We could use Stickam and webcams and have real life conversations while we each drink coffees??? Freekin' Black Dog- I'm fighting him off valiantly, but yesterday is not helping. Cook something you really like or roll in some sand or go for a boat trip n stuff. More ((((hugs))))

  5. I realise nothing we say is really going to help but we can give you some virtual ((((((hugs)))))). Hope the back dog goes bother someone else pretty soon.

  6. Hope you are feeling better as you read this... and I wanted to say I've loved your recent flickr photos. Your two youngest boys look so alike in some of your photos, are they in real life? And I had to laugh at the "emu kid", so gangly!

  7. Mal, it is OK to have a shit day, even if everything is are NORMAL..huggs :)

  8. Sorry to hear that the darkness is taking over today. Probably a good day to rest and maybe try to get a walk in. Sounds simplistic, I know, but somtimes the most basic things help quiet the storm inside. You know the drill, eat right, rest, read or listen to music, talk to someone, etc. Depression sucks, but you can't give up.

  9. I'm ignoring this post and moving onto something else.

    However I LOVE how you're game enough to tell people to f*ck off.