Friday, 6 February 2009

Kakhi Pea-Green Soup

Mr Hoon and I went for a sail yesterday morning out at Ben Chifley Dam, in his Corsair "Tru Blu". First time out for me this summer (apart from Sailability, of course).

Twas a perfect time of refreshment and renewal for the soul. We literally just sat back and pottered about allowing nothing but the slow gurgling of the water bubbling away underneath us to saturate our beings. Indescribeably glorious stuff.

The water was an interesting colour of green... like a mixture of khaki and pea-soup green! Just algae... harmless but not fit to drink. Tis a mixture of long hot dry weather with no fresh water inflows... but at least the water level out there is almost full, unlike most of the other dams/lakes around here :(

Band rehearsal last night went outrageously well also. All I ever seem to talk about here is the band, so I won't go on about it. Needless to say, we accomplished our "homework" quick-smart and totally enjoyed ourselves, despite the outrageously warm evening.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Our pool is that colour! Phill is madly trying to hose out the filter every five minutes and dosing it with chlorine.

    We love it when you talk about the band, don't censor yourself, it's YOUR BLOG! Glad the rehearsal went well.

    Nice boat too. The sailing sounds heavenly.

  2. Way awesome Mal..I wish I was out in the little sailing boat relaxing :)

  3. so glad to hear so many positive things are happening Mal! I agree with Foxy..don't censor yourself.

  4. Don't drink the water... I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN! Ah, random Simpsons quotes :D

  5. I have quietly been thinking about buying myself a little kayak for the hastings river...may try a rental one first... i can swim really well so if I turn opver...well...I just want to get out on the water know how that feels.